War Requirements

Rules to be in war.

1. You will be active- play in a league.If you are not in a league, you will not be selected for war. No less than 10 attacks in a 2-week period.
2. You will donate troops to support your clan mates. We are a team!
3. You will not over-request for troops-received should be close to donated and never 25% higher or more. Support those below you. If you do not donate, you will not be in war and will get kicked if it continues.
4. You will be respectful of others, will not put anyone down, and will only offer constructive criticism in a positive way. No fighting or arguing in the chat–ever!
5. You will be open and receptive to constructive criticism.
6.. You will not use profanity.
7. Highest ranked (war rank not trophy) members (those with best troops) will donate DURING WAR to fill as many clan castles in war base and when attacking in war.
8. You will have fun, be social, and remember, this is just a game. Friendship is more important than winning. But….Winning is more fun than losing.
9. Don’t ask for elder or co. Read the posted guidelines on the clan info. Co for best players and loyal.
10.Attack twice every war. Be 100% prepared for both attacks–spells, full clan castle, good troops. Attack according to the guidelines sent to you before the war. Check your ego at the door and don’t get greedy. You are a part of a Team. Our team is the Dozers. Team comes first.

11. First attack in war MUST be within first 12 hours of war–except top 25% of clan

12. TH7s

  • 180 Army Camp Space
  • Dragons
  • Level 3 spell factory.
  • War Hero: 140+ stars in war

13. TH8s:

  • 200 Army Camp Space
  • Level 3 dragons
  • Level 3 spell factory
  • Barbarian King: Level 5 or better
  • War Hero: 175+ stars in war (to join)

14. TH9s:

  • * 220 Army Camp Space
    * 50% lego walls (lvl 9) or better
    * Hero Levels: 10/10 or better
    * 1 level down from Max War Troops
    * 5 Builder Huts
    * War Hero: 200+ stars in war (to join)

15. TH10s:

  • * 240 Army Camp Space
    * Level 5 Spell Factory
    * 50% Lego walls (lvl9) or better
    * Hero Levels: 30/30 or better
    * Max War Troops
    * 5 builder Huts
    * War Hero: 200+ stars in war (to join)

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