3 Star TH9 with GoHo (Golems & Hogs)

One of the most powerful attack troops in the game is the Hogs. Why? Simple. Walls do not matter and it goes right for the defenses. Almost perfect. What’s the problem? It ignores clan castle troops and the royals (Barbarian King and Archer Queen). Is there another weakness? Yep. Sure is. It is the Giant Bombs. Before the update in early 2015, Hogs were ripping through bases with ease. So they increased the damage caused by Giant bombs to Hogs. This slowed down hog attacks tremendously. Before, anyone could do it without a problem. Now, it takes careful planning.

Watch the video below and see how it is done.


3 star TH8 with central giant bombs using hogs.


Hogs are the strongest attack true for Town Hall 8. When using hogs, the first thing you must worried about are the clan castle troops. If you do not kill the clan castle troops, even one will destroy all of your hogs. Second, you must figure out where the giant bombs are. Giant bombs will do a lot of damage to your hogs, but a double set of giant bombs, (i.e. when 2  are next to each other) will wipe them out.

When Giants bombs are on the outer portion of the base, they are very easy to manage. One can send in a few hogs to trip them. But, when they are in the center of the base, they become a more of a problem.

There are several ways to deal with this problem. One can use golems, wizards, and hogs. Most people use one or two golems, up to 10 Wizards, wallbreakers if needed, and the rest hogs. As with every other attack, you must kill the clan castle troops before releasing hogs. One can use the Golem and wizards to do so, often with a rage spell. With the new clan castle that allows one to bring a dark spell, one can bring a poison spell in the clan castle and a poison spell of their own. Level one spells will not be enough. One should bring level 2 spells or a level one and a level 3. The key is with this attack, is to get the golems to trigger the giant bombs. One could use this strategy to trigger giant bombs that are not in the center, but there are easier ways to do so–i.e. with hogs. The GoHo is an extremely effective attack at both TH8 and TH9 that most should become familiar with if they want to 3 star bases.

Alternatively, one could use Surgical hogs to go in and trigger at least one of the giant bombs in the center of the base. This requires careful planning and one must know the path at the hogs will take to ensure that they will get there. It is most important to trigger at least one of the bombs that are next to another bomb (a giant double bomb set). See the attached video to see how this works. It is essential to master surgical hog attacks if you want to 3 star TH9s. Studying hog pathing is essential.

Another method is to use surgical hogs. They can be used to take out certain defenses, such as air defenses, when using hogs with dragons. This is not a commonly seen attack, but it is very effective. See the attached video as a demonstration. One could use other troops instead of dragons as a clean up troop, such as wizards. Essentially, with surgical hogs one must ensure that a large mass of hogs do not run across double Giant bomb sets.

3 star hog attacks using 4 dragons and hogs

3 star GoWipe for TH8’s – maybe the most foolproof plan yet?

With the recent updates in clash of clans, the all dragon attacks are getting harder and harder, especially for maxed TH8s. I have seen some of the best dragon attackers fail on multiple occasions. They had successfully changed the game, for the better. Although the recent earthquake addition has helped. At TH8, we must sometimes rely on other ways of getting 3 stars.

I have never been a big fan of GoWiPe.  Mostly because Pekkas never seem to do what you want. They are unpredictable, or more accurately they are predictably unpredictable. In one of our recent wars, I saw some of the best GoWiPe attacks that I have seen. All for 3 stars. Here is how it works.


  • 2 Golems
  • 5 Wallbreakers
  • 3 Pekkas (one can be in cc)
  • 20 Wizards
  • 2 Heal Spells, 1 Rage (you can use 2 Rage, 1 Heal, but the former is recommended)


  1. Keep Golems alive with heal. They must remain throughout the entire attack.
  2. Drop 2 Golems close together to break through wall.
  3. Drop Wizards (only 5-10) behind Golems, not too spread out.
  4. Use wallbreakers to get through walls into core
  5. Then, follow with wizards-so wizards go into the core with the Golems. You can use wizards to help kill cc troops.
  6. You can drop a Pekka to go into core, but they will may not follow Golem
  7. Use Pekkas to clean up outside of base


Base design – Anti-dragon base design tips and attack stratagies

TH7 and early to mid level TH8s are almost always attacked in war with dragons. Designing one’s base with that in mind is paramount. For TH7s, one is most limited as they only have 2 air defenses. With the ability to take out one with lightening spells immediately, one is just not enough to protect the base. A well-thought out base can fool some people, but good players will 3 star every TH7 with ease. For TH8s, base design is critical.

It is important to create you base so that dragons path away from the air defense, but stay within its range. Watch the video below to see how.

Video 1: Dragon Pathing – click to watch

How to 3 star TH7 and TH8 – a foolproof guide

Are you a TH7? Do you have 3 lightening spells? If so, then you should be three starring every TH7 base. Period. Only have 2 spells? What are you waiting for? Upgrade your spell factory.

Are you a TH8? With 2 rage and one heal spell or 3 rage spells and all dragons you should three star TH8s 75% of the time.

Below are the two BEST how to videos that apply to TH8. For TH7 attacks, use same dragon deployment, but take out the highest level air defense with three lightening spells. You can use the 2 raid and one heal, but the lightening spells are cheaper and foolproof.

Part 1: How to 3 star TH7s and TH8s with dragons

Part 2: Part 2: 3 starring TH7 and TH8s with dragons

This should be the be-all-end-all discussion of TH 7 and 8 dragon attacks.
Here is a quick look the attack strategies that I would use for our upcoming war. Ill post the outcome of our clanmates attacks on YouTube.

1. Use three lightening strikes to take out air defense circled in RED.
2. Deploy dragons in the order written in Green
3. When the ORANGE circled defenses are destroyed AND the air defense is attacking the dragons (past pink line) you can release your cc air balloons (orange or purple circle), which are rarely necessary.


For those who dont have 3 lightening spells look at the second to last picture.

1. Deploy dragons in the order written.
2. Use heal spell once dragons are together and engaged with air defense (past pink line). No rush as only one dragon is being attacked. You can wait until some damage taken (half). If you don’t need to, save it.
3. As dragons go into base, second AD will engage the dragons (blue circle and line). Once this happens, deploy cc balloons in the exact marked spot in purple so it will go at the second air defense. If you are a little to the left or right, it will go towards an other defense. If that happens use heal spell on balloons.
For our TH8 attack, look at the last picture.
1. Use three lightening spells to destroy red circled air defense.
2. Deploy dragons in order.
3. Once second ad is attacking a dragon (blue) AND enemy cc troops out of cc, release your cc balloons in purple x EXACTLY.

Thanks to Mikey who is the king of the dragon/raid/heal attack and fig who opened up my eyes to the 3 lightening spell use.





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How to beat EVERY TH7 base with ease.

With the recent updates on Clash of Clans, aerial assault is the strongest attack in the game against TH 7 & most TH 8 bases. Using all Dragons, it is quite easy to destroy every TH7 base and nearly all TH8 (at least 2 stars).

No more fussing with what troops to bring. No more worrying about traps, bombs, and Barbarian Kings. An all out dragon attack is a killer attack. Add some spells to it, and it is almost unbeatable. But is it?

Well, it is simple, but it does require some planning.

The single biggest threat is the air defense. The more upgraded the air defense, the bigger the threat. Also, Dragons are not smart–they attack the closest target–any target.

Successful attacks require careful planning. There are 2 options:

The lightening spell option: For bases with hard to reach air defenses, you could use 3 lightening spells to destroy the toughest air defense. I like this because it reduces the risk of error—using a spell in the wrong place or wrong time. And, I see that a lot!!!! Then it is simple, release the dragons. Actually, we don’t really do that. Never put the dragons in one spot. Try to release them in a line perpendicular to the air defense. I typically release 6-7, wait 10 seconds and release a few behind them right at the air defense. If you have a barb king or other troops, they are great to clear out buildings that are in the way first and then release the dragons.

The 2 Rage and one Healer Spell OR 3 Rage spell option: Alternatively, you would find the base’s strongest air defense and plan an attack that will send the Dragons towards that and continue in a direct line for the others.


  1. Use the Barb King to kill the TH or to remove buildings that stand between the dragons and the air defense.
  2. Often a corner is the best entry point–releasing the dragons in the shape of half a square along the corner.
  3. Release the dragons in a line, somewhat close together, so they don’t spread out too far from each other. Don’t release one on top of the other.
  4. Use Spells to keep them alive.
    1. Use Rage Spells to speed them up THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE BASE to kill the air defense as quickly as possible. Wizard towers and archer towers do damage too, so your attack plan should take them into consideration too. Too often people use the rage spells too early, on the perimeter of the base.
    2. Use a heal spell when several dragons have become weakened. Again, the key is to keep them alive. There is much debate on this as dragons under attack will sustain more damage then the heal can help, so some bring all rage.


  • Scan the base before attacking. Find the strongest air defense and either plan a line of attack from one to the others OR use 3 lightening spells to destroy it. Using 2 lightening spells to weaken it does not help.
  • Release the dragons in a line, so that the line (like a wall) advances towards the defenses. NEVER release a few dragons here and a few there. NEVER! Always release them together.
  • Use rage spells if the air defense is not very close to the perimeter and if it will take time for the dragons to get there. Use them when the dragons are close together so as many dragons are affected by the spell as possible.
  • Use a heal spell to heal hurt dragons–KEEP THEM ALIVE.

Have fun!

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Best Troops to fill a War Clan Castle: Defense

First of all, one’s war clan castle is the single best defense for all but the highest TH levels. Why? One can add troops that are at a much higher level than the defenses that are available. Additionally, attacking troops that are already engaged will be attacked by the cc troops. One should always upgrade their clan castle as quickly as possible if one wars frequently and if one wishes to protect their village.

What troops to choose is is a highly controversial topic and there will be many many opinions, but one that everyone will agree upon is that it should be the best possible troops (highest level). That is so important that I will repeat that, only the highest level troops should be used, especially for war clan castles (defense). To put it simply, if one is a TH 5 and there is a TH8 in the clan, the TH5 should NOT contribute troops. Leave that to the TH8. In the case of a huge clan of 50, mid-levels (TH 6) can contribute to very low levels (TH3, 4), but only if no one with better troops will contribute.


The following is one possible set of combinations for troops in a war castle:

Clan castles with 10 troop capacity:

  • one wizard or one balloon; one or more minions if you have dark elixir to spare (but likely overkill), fill the rest with archers
  • One wizard, 6 archers
  • Two wizards, 2 archers
  • One Valkyrie, 2 archers

What is my rationale? I believe that an archer is the single best all-around defensive castle troop. Why? Because it can shoot over walls and all of the enemies troops will attack one single archer. Additionally, it only takes up one housing space. It does not matter how many hit points the archer has because even if it had 500 it would be killed in a second anyway, but because the enemies focus on one troop, the other troops can attack and do some damage. If your archer is behind a wall, the enemy troops will try to get through the wall. A minion is a great flying option, but it does cost some dark elixir. It is a great troop as it can fly and therefore can only be attacked by archers at very low TH levels. A balloon is not a great weapon for most war clan castles, except for inexperienced players or those with few troops. They cause great splash damage and inexperienced players are not used to killing troops in the air. It does not take long for balloons to rack up some serious damage, but I would only use them in very low level TH (3 and maybe 4). They do take up a bit of housing, so I would not recommend more than one–NEVER. Why? You want their troops to target something else while the balloons do serious damage. Archers are the perfect complement–they take up one housing space, can shoot over walls, and are quick. They will distract enemy troops while the balloons rack up damage quickly. Wizards are a great weapon as they do great splash damage. High level wizards are great, but, as with the balloon, they do take up considerable space and I believe that they work much better if enemy troops can be distracted.


Clan castles with 15 troop capacity:

  • one to three wizards (3 preferred), with the rest archers (some use Minions as barbs and giants can’t attack them, but not recommended if one expects aerial attack)
  • One Valkyrie, One wizard, 3 Barbs, 4 Archers (can mix and match Barbs, archers, wizards)
  • One Witch and either 2 archers, one barb, or 3 archers

For my rationale, see above.


Clan castles with 20 troop capacity:

  • One dragon (which fills the entire war clan castle)
  • Two or Three Wizards (some prefer 4 or 5, see comment below), rest Archers (some use Minions as barbs and giants can’t attack them, but not recommended if one expects aerial attack)

These days in war, most TH7 attacks are dragons. Therefore, you should try to protect against that, although the clan castle is usually of little help. There is some controversy whether to use all wizards or a combination of wizards archers. Me? I am partial to having at least some archers (if not 33-50%)–which cause a great distraction as they get to the enemy quickly and get targeted immediately, thus giving the Wizards time to clean up quickly. Dragons are great as lightening spells have little effect on them at these mid range TH levels, although do little against dragons. So for TH6, I love dragons, for TH7s, I don’t as it does not help much against dragon attacks. Level 4 dragons can do some damage though and CAN make a difference.


Clan castles with 25 troop capacity:

  • One Dragon, One Wizard, One Archer (safe, works well; have 3 troops that all move at different speeds)
  • 1 witch, 3 wizards, 1 archer (especially for ground attacks)
  • One Dragon and one balloon
  • 1 Valkyrie, 3 wizards, one balloon (or 5 archers)

Best of all worlds. Fast moving Archer to distract, wizard for great splash damage, and the Dragon which causes considerable splash damage and has high hit points. With ground attacks on the rise at TH8 (witch and valk options are looking good)


Clan castles with 30 troop capacity:

  • 1 witch, 4 wizards, 2 archers (very good)
  • 1 Dragon, 2 wizards, 2 archers (safe, works well)
  • up to 7 wizards (very high level), rest archers
  • One Lavahound (to distract enemy troops)


Clan castles with 35 troop capacity:

  • 2 witches, 2 wizards, 3 archers
  • 1 dragon, 3 wizards, 3 archers
  • up to 8 wizards (very high level), rest archers


Troops that should never be used in a war clan castle: Wallbreakers and Healers. Healers typically try to heal buildings, which they just can’t do fast enough making them very ineffective. If you put  one of these in someone’s cc you will get a most interesting, and usually heated, reaction.

Giants, although not mentioned, can be very effective against ground troops when used in combination with high damage troops (i.e. Wizards). Do I like them? Yes and No. If one is worried only about a ground attack, such as low level TH, then yes they can work just fine and one can substitute a Giant for Barbs or even one Wizard if you like. They are slow moving, have to attack face-to-face, unlike wizards which attack from a distance, don’t do tremendous damage, but soak up damage. Therefore, in almost all cases, I prefer a Wizard over a Giant in a clan castle, which also saves one housing space. In most cases, if  you put a Giant into a clan castle, you will piss someone off.

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