Lavaloonion 3 star war attack on TH8

This is a really strong attack that can take out TH8s with ring shaped defenses. This is a perfect example of this attack.

This attack has 3 components;

  1. Lure and kill the clan castle troops
    1. You can use Royals (BK and AQ), balloons, and/or minions to do so
  2. Release one lava hound to attack one air defense, and another Lava hound against another
  3. Release balloons BEHIND the lava hounds. I like to spread them out and surgically strike defenses (2-3 per defense).

Watch the video of BeastyPro36 destroying this TH8:   TH8 3 starred in war using lavaloonion


Air Sweeper in Clash of Clans

A new defense was added for TH6 and up. The Air Sweeper. It is very interesting little defense. that blows a puff of air every 3-4 seconds. The radius is similar to a mortar–shoots pretty far.  But, it only covers 33% of the circle. To clarify, it will COVER approximately 120-degrees. i have put a picture below which is of a sprinkler–which has similar coverage.  It only shoots forward in the direction that it is aimed. Once set, it will cover the range that it is set for. When activated, it shoots a narrower puff of air, about 1/3 of the coverage area, to push back the air troops.


  1. Balloons are affected most.
  2. Dragons are also fairly affected as are minions.
  3. Heavier flying troops are less affected.
    1. For air attacks, you must attack outside of the range of this. Scout the direction that it is covering, then attack from another angle. If you don’t know the direction, use a minion to scout it out.
    2. Alternatively, the air sweeper will lock onto a target and its affected area is very small (maybe 20-degrees). Therefore, if you attack from different angles (outside portions of its coverage), one of your attackers will be unaffected as it focuses on one target in a narrow blast.


  1. This will clearly change the way that bases are defended, especially in war.
  2. The idea in protecting against Dragon air attacks is to slow the progress of the Dragons. Previously we used high hitpoint buildings (i.e. storages) and placed them within the range of the air defenses, NOW, you will still probably do the same, but use the sweeper as an adjunct — to further slow troops.
  3. For TH 7s, I would put the blower such that it blows OVER the air defenses and TH–thus protecting them from all directions–no matter which way the Dragons come in to attack, it will get blown back.  I personally like to have the air sweeper blowing over the TH as well.


Once a target gets locked on, the area that is blown is much smaller that the wide range that it has–maybe 1/3.

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How to never get raided in clash of clans–stay online 24/7–almost.

Now I am not a fan of cheats–heck it’s just not fair, but nothing bothers me more than losing my elixir and gold, especially when I am saving up for big upgrades.

This hack only works on a PC, not a phone or tablet.

USING YOUR PC:  manage your village using BlueStacks (…your-pc-or-mac/)

This requires you to keep your computer on.

As you all know, the game times out when you don’t touch your village, even on bluestacks.
You can’t be raided if  you are online. So….Here is a solution that will keep you online CONSTANTLY–so you cannot be raided.

Install Bluestacks on your computer.
Once you have downloaded the Android phone emulator and installed Clash of Clans on it, log in through your google plus account. See here if you don’t know how to import.(…-play-together/)

Then you will need to download “Free Mouse Auto Clicker” (http://download.cnet…4-75221696.html)

Install that and open it. It is very simple to use.
Personally I have mine set up to click every 5 seconds

(You can also auto pick up elixir or gold by having it click on a mine or pump, but with this method you can only select one thing to click on)

Make sure “Clicker where the mouse is” is checked. Click Start.

Put your mouse on a Elixir or gold mine, Hold CTRL + F2 to start it if it is not running and CTRL + F3 to stop it.

Obviously this will auto click where the mouse is at the time interval you have set up. If you move your mouse, it will click wherever the mouse pointer was last.

Enjoy waking up to all of your gold and elixir. No more raids. Now, it will kick you off after 24-36 hours so be prepared.  At some point, log off for 5-10 minutes, preferably a time when your resources are lower.

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Defense against air attacks in clash of clans.

Air assaults are becoming more and more common since the update to big bombs which deal 1.5x damage to hog riders. Now, every upgraded big bomb pack will kill your hog rider pack, even if you are using healing spells. So now this is the era of mass Dragon or Balloon attacks. This also changes the use of the heroes, as the Barbarian King is not able to attack airborne troops. So now defending against aerial assault is more important than ever. If you want to win in clan wars, you must be able to defend against aerial attacks.

Offensive Aerial Troops

Three aerial units (Healers are supporting unit and not included)

  • Minions: Basically flying Barbarians-take some damage and attack closest building
  • Balloons: Airborne hogriders–fly over walls and attack defensive buildings, but are very slow moving.
  • Dragons: They have lots of hit points and deal good damage, but they are slow and attack closest building.

The Inner Core

  • contain your most important buildings (Storages/X-Bows if you do a more farming layout or Town Hall/X-Bows if you do more trophy hunting or a War Base) and your Clan Castle .
    • Keep archers, wizards, or dragon in clan castle to destroy aerial units.
  • You can also think about setting the Archer Queens platform in there but you will not need the Barbarian King. If you are lower than Town Hall 8 you will most likely not have more than two layers so just put them all inside.

The outside Web

  • Goal: Wipe out Minions and lots of Balloons
  • How?
    • Air Mines
      • Use in between Wizard towers to broaden coverage. One explosion can take out 10+ minions
    • Wizard Towers. The Wizard Towers themselves don’t make very much impact damage but they are very strong against groups of Minions or Balloons (last one especially because they are very slow). Your Wizard Towers should not be that much outside that Minions or Balloons can directly target them so just put some Mines/Collectors/Army Camps or anything like this in front of them – while the Minions attack them the Wizard Tower will attack them.

You set your enemy’s path

They will attack where your Air Defenses are, because if not they will just kill all units while they attack other buildings. This is very useful for you because now you know where he/she will start and also where the troops will go. You remember I compared the Balloons to the Hog Riders? They have the exactly same routing system so you should always try to have a defensive building in your outside layer more close to the next than to the inside layer. While they go round and round your inside Air Defense will deal with them very quickly.

The Dragons are more complicated because they make much more damage and also move faster than the Balloons. The only real fear they have is stepping into a Seeking Air Mine. Seeking Air Mines will NOT get triggered by Minions so don’t be afraid to put them near your outside Air Defenses so you can kill one Dragon right away. You know what does more damage than 9 dragons? 10 dragons. That’s right: try to get the kill the Dragons as fast as possible.

Avoid common mistake

Don’t put too much inside. Seeking Air Mines are expensive, but they are not triggered by Minions.  Use these units to kill units that you definitely don’t want anywhere near your base–Dragons and also Healers.

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Best Troops to fill a War Clan Castle: Defense

First of all, one’s war clan castle is the single best defense for all but the highest TH levels. Why? One can add troops that are at a much higher level than the defenses that are available. Additionally, attacking troops that are already engaged will be attacked by the cc troops. One should always upgrade their clan castle as quickly as possible if one wars frequently and if one wishes to protect their village.

What troops to choose is is a highly controversial topic and there will be many many opinions, but one that everyone will agree upon is that it should be the best possible troops (highest level). That is so important that I will repeat that, only the highest level troops should be used, especially for war clan castles (defense). To put it simply, if one is a TH 5 and there is a TH8 in the clan, the TH5 should NOT contribute troops. Leave that to the TH8. In the case of a huge clan of 50, mid-levels (TH 6) can contribute to very low levels (TH3, 4), but only if no one with better troops will contribute.


The following is one possible set of combinations for troops in a war castle:

Clan castles with 10 troop capacity:

  • one wizard or one balloon; one or more minions if you have dark elixir to spare (but likely overkill), fill the rest with archers
  • One wizard, 6 archers
  • Two wizards, 2 archers
  • One Valkyrie, 2 archers

What is my rationale? I believe that an archer is the single best all-around defensive castle troop. Why? Because it can shoot over walls and all of the enemies troops will attack one single archer. Additionally, it only takes up one housing space. It does not matter how many hit points the archer has because even if it had 500 it would be killed in a second anyway, but because the enemies focus on one troop, the other troops can attack and do some damage. If your archer is behind a wall, the enemy troops will try to get through the wall. A minion is a great flying option, but it does cost some dark elixir. It is a great troop as it can fly and therefore can only be attacked by archers at very low TH levels. A balloon is not a great weapon for most war clan castles, except for inexperienced players or those with few troops. They cause great splash damage and inexperienced players are not used to killing troops in the air. It does not take long for balloons to rack up some serious damage, but I would only use them in very low level TH (3 and maybe 4). They do take up a bit of housing, so I would not recommend more than one–NEVER. Why? You want their troops to target something else while the balloons do serious damage. Archers are the perfect complement–they take up one housing space, can shoot over walls, and are quick. They will distract enemy troops while the balloons rack up damage quickly. Wizards are a great weapon as they do great splash damage. High level wizards are great, but, as with the balloon, they do take up considerable space and I believe that they work much better if enemy troops can be distracted.


Clan castles with 15 troop capacity:

  • one to three wizards (3 preferred), with the rest archers (some use Minions as barbs and giants can’t attack them, but not recommended if one expects aerial attack)
  • One Valkyrie, One wizard, 3 Barbs, 4 Archers (can mix and match Barbs, archers, wizards)
  • One Witch and either 2 archers, one barb, or 3 archers

For my rationale, see above.


Clan castles with 20 troop capacity:

  • One dragon (which fills the entire war clan castle)
  • Two or Three Wizards (some prefer 4 or 5, see comment below), rest Archers (some use Minions as barbs and giants can’t attack them, but not recommended if one expects aerial attack)

These days in war, most TH7 attacks are dragons. Therefore, you should try to protect against that, although the clan castle is usually of little help. There is some controversy whether to use all wizards or a combination of wizards archers. Me? I am partial to having at least some archers (if not 33-50%)–which cause a great distraction as they get to the enemy quickly and get targeted immediately, thus giving the Wizards time to clean up quickly. Dragons are great as lightening spells have little effect on them at these mid range TH levels, although do little against dragons. So for TH6, I love dragons, for TH7s, I don’t as it does not help much against dragon attacks. Level 4 dragons can do some damage though and CAN make a difference.


Clan castles with 25 troop capacity:

  • One Dragon, One Wizard, One Archer (safe, works well; have 3 troops that all move at different speeds)
  • 1 witch, 3 wizards, 1 archer (especially for ground attacks)
  • One Dragon and one balloon
  • 1 Valkyrie, 3 wizards, one balloon (or 5 archers)

Best of all worlds. Fast moving Archer to distract, wizard for great splash damage, and the Dragon which causes considerable splash damage and has high hit points. With ground attacks on the rise at TH8 (witch and valk options are looking good)


Clan castles with 30 troop capacity:

  • 1 witch, 4 wizards, 2 archers (very good)
  • 1 Dragon, 2 wizards, 2 archers (safe, works well)
  • up to 7 wizards (very high level), rest archers
  • One Lavahound (to distract enemy troops)


Clan castles with 35 troop capacity:

  • 2 witches, 2 wizards, 3 archers
  • 1 dragon, 3 wizards, 3 archers
  • up to 8 wizards (very high level), rest archers


Troops that should never be used in a war clan castle: Wallbreakers and Healers. Healers typically try to heal buildings, which they just can’t do fast enough making them very ineffective. If you put  one of these in someone’s cc you will get a most interesting, and usually heated, reaction.

Giants, although not mentioned, can be very effective against ground troops when used in combination with high damage troops (i.e. Wizards). Do I like them? Yes and No. If one is worried only about a ground attack, such as low level TH, then yes they can work just fine and one can substitute a Giant for Barbs or even one Wizard if you like. They are slow moving, have to attack face-to-face, unlike wizards which attack from a distance, don’t do tremendous damage, but soak up damage. Therefore, in almost all cases, I prefer a Wizard over a Giant in a clan castle, which also saves one housing space. In most cases, if  you put a Giant into a clan castle, you will piss someone off.

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