Base design – Anti-dragon base design tips and attack stratagies

TH7 and early to mid level TH8s are almost always attacked in war with dragons. Designing one’s base with that in mind is paramount. For TH7s, one is most limited as they only have 2 air defenses. With the ability to take out one with lightening spells immediately, one is just not enough to protect the base. A well-thought out base can fool some people, but good players will 3 star every TH7 with ease. For TH8s, base design is critical.

It is important to create you base so that dragons path away from the air defense, but stay within its range. Watch the video below to see how.

Video 1: Dragon Pathing – click to watch


How to 3 star TH7 and TH8 – a foolproof guide

Are you a TH7? Do you have 3 lightening spells? If so, then you should be three starring every TH7 base. Period. Only have 2 spells? What are you waiting for? Upgrade your spell factory.

Are you a TH8? With 2 rage and one heal spell or 3 rage spells and all dragons you should three star TH8s 75% of the time.

Below are the two BEST how to videos that apply to TH8. For TH7 attacks, use same dragon deployment, but take out the highest level air defense with three lightening spells. You can use the 2 raid and one heal, but the lightening spells are cheaper and foolproof.

Part 1: How to 3 star TH7s and TH8s with dragons

Part 2: Part 2: 3 starring TH7 and TH8s with dragons

This should be the be-all-end-all discussion of TH 7 and 8 dragon attacks.
Here is a quick look the attack strategies that I would use for our upcoming war. Ill post the outcome of our clanmates attacks on YouTube.

1. Use three lightening strikes to take out air defense circled in RED.
2. Deploy dragons in the order written in Green
3. When the ORANGE circled defenses are destroyed AND the air defense is attacking the dragons (past pink line) you can release your cc air balloons (orange or purple circle), which are rarely necessary.


For those who dont have 3 lightening spells look at the second to last picture.

1. Deploy dragons in the order written.
2. Use heal spell once dragons are together and engaged with air defense (past pink line). No rush as only one dragon is being attacked. You can wait until some damage taken (half). If you don’t need to, save it.
3. As dragons go into base, second AD will engage the dragons (blue circle and line). Once this happens, deploy cc balloons in the exact marked spot in purple so it will go at the second air defense. If you are a little to the left or right, it will go towards an other defense. If that happens use heal spell on balloons.
For our TH8 attack, look at the last picture.
1. Use three lightening spells to destroy red circled air defense.
2. Deploy dragons in order.
3. Once second ad is attacking a dragon (blue) AND enemy cc troops out of cc, release your cc balloons in purple x EXACTLY.

Thanks to Mikey who is the king of the dragon/raid/heal attack and fig who opened up my eyes to the 3 lightening spell use.





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How to 3 star bases with all dragon attack

Mass dragon attacks on TH7, TH8, and TH9.

Mass dragon attacks are the most effective attacks on TH7 and TH8 hands down! But, I see people fail all of the time. Why? I am going to show you how to improve your dragon attacks quickly and easily.

PART 1: Set Reasonable Goals

  For War:

3 stars: In war or trophy hunting against TH8 and below, this should always be your goal.
2 stars: Against mature TH9s, TH10s, or maybe a TH8 with max air defenses (if you don’t have level 3 dragons), it will be very difficult to get 3 stars. Therefore, if you choose to use an all dragon attack,  it might be better to go for a 50% destruction and destroy the TH for 2 stars rather than 85% destruction for 1 star. Going for 1 star? No way! Dragons cost too much. There are cheaper options to get one star.

  Farming: When raiding for the often well protected dark elixir, dragons can be useful.

PART 2: Troops

War/Trophy against ANY TH7: All dragons plus Level 6 balloons in CC (if possible), otherwise Dragon (second best option).

War/ Trophy against TH8s with Centralized Air Defenses: all dragons plus a dragon or Level 6 Balloons in clan castle.
War/ Trophy Against TH9 or 10 Bases with an Air Defense Behind one Wall: This gets a little tricky and opinions differ. I prefer All dragons and Level 6 Balloons in the clan castle. Others consider replacing two dragons with 8 lvl 5 hogs or lvl 6 balloons.
Farming: 8 dragons and the rest archers.

Why so many dragons? Why not a few? The dragons must far outnumber the air defenses for this strategy to work. Also, the beauty of air attacks is that you don’t need to worry about mortars, canons, giant bombs, Barb Kings, or Xbows that are pointing down. So don’t bring ground troops unless to destroy an exposed or poorly protected air defense. If you are going Dragons, it is usually best to go ALL dragons and not mix and match.

PART 3: Spells

Versus TH7: There should be no debate on what spells to bring. Three lightening spells aimed properly SHOULD be used to destroy the highest level or hardest to reach air defense. With one remaining air defense victory is almost certain with smart dragon deployment. End of discussion! Time and time again I see players using rage and heal spells, which is a “stronger” attack. No question. But, in addition to costing more, it has a HIGHER risk of failure. Rage spells work GREAT, but there are caveats–(1) the air defenses should be close to one another, (2) you must place the rage spell where the dragons are going to be in a second or two, and (3) you MUST funnel your dragons so that they are all bunched up when heading towards the air defenses so that you can rage MANY dragons. This is where most people fail! This takes practice. This takes some skill (see my other post on foolproof dragon attacks).  I see so many errors in the deployment of spells that cost stars. Even more so, I see errors in the deployment of the dragons (most just plop them all down together, spread them out in a line, or put some here and some there–WRONG!). In summary, Keep it simple! Maximize your chance of 3 starring the base. Take out one air defense with 3 lightening spells and you only have to worry about one. Take it out and game over!
Versus TH 8, there is much debate. While the three lightening spell rule works great most of the time, others prefer two rage on one heal. For experienced players, this may be more effective, especially against maxed out th8s, but the risk of poor deployment often outweighs the potential benefit for most players. My recommendation is this: For bases with centralized air defenses that are close together, bring 2 rage and one heal (or 3 rage). For bases with air defenses that are spread out, take out one air defense (the hardest to reach with the highest level) with 3 lightening spells.

Three of this level lightening spell (number on left) can destroy this level of air defense (# on the right)

1 –>3

2 –>5

3 –> 6  but requires 3 direct hits.

Vs. TH9-10: Rage and Freeze
TH9 and 10 bases have 4+ strong defenses, so simply killing one air defense won’t guarantee victory. With more buildings and hit points rage spells are helpful since dragons are slow moving. Freeze spells are the best way to neutralize an inferno or multiple high level air defenses defenses located in the core. We will talk more about using these in the deployment section.

Should I bring a Heal spell? I see people suggest heal all the time on the forums. A maxed heal spell cannot heal faster than a lvl 3 air defense can do damage (140 DPS). Also, infernos block the heal spell’s effect. So better options may exist, although many like them to heal dragons that are not being attacked.

Lvl 1 2 3 4 5 6
Heal HP/sec 50 66 83 100 116 133
Air def DPS 80 110 140 160 190 230

If you have to use a heal spell, it is best used after the air defenses have gone down, to stall for time while the dragons are attacking the TH in a 2 star plan. Note that the heal amounts roughly equal the dps of couple of archer towers or x bows.

Bring your Heroes: If you want 3 stars, bring them along as well. Their damage on outer buildings can be used to path the dragons to the core. I use them all the time to help create my funnel to get my dragons doing towards the center of the base. Do not place your heroes near the enemy heroes or clan castle if possible.  In 2 star attacks they can be saved to catch the TH if all else fails.

PART 4: Deployment

Step 1. Lightening Option (used against TH8 and below)

Which one to zap?
· 3 star strategy: The highest level and most centered one. Typically opposite your attack side (see below).
· 2 star or farming strategy: find one that is high level and centered, but also along the shortest path between you and your target. Do not zap a defense that is out of range of your target and approach path.

How to drop? Damaging an air defense for 90% of its hit points is completely useless. Make sure you drop lightening correctly for full destruction. I see this all of the time–people using 2 lightening spells. DON’T! It is a waste. Destroy the air defense or don’t.
· Scout the base.

– Do not select the spell button yet to avoid accidentally dropping.

· Zoom in on the air defense
· Now, select the lightening spell.

– Triple tap in the center of the dead center of the air def. The center is defined as the center tile on the ground.
· There is no need to wait for the first spell to finish before dropping the next. Dragons are slow so don’t waste time.
· Pro Tip: Once you get good it may be possible to time your lightening drop with the emergence of the clan troops. If the clan castle is nearby you may be able to kill some of them in the process. This takes timing and luck.

Step 2 Destroy the exposed  air defense (if applicable) If your opponent is stupid enough to have an air defense enclosed by 1 layer of walls or perhaps not surrounded by wall at all, drop the heroes, giants, or hogs to take it down.

Step 3: Select an approach side
Select a side. Now select a side to attack from.
· 3 star strategy: Attack from the side closest to the remaining air defenses — opposite of the lightening strike.
· 2 star or farming: attack from the closest side to your target (town Hall or DE storage).

If multiple sides are equally good choose the path of “least resistance”, which means a path through the lowest hit point buildings. It will take your dragons a while to burn through the clan castle and storages. If there is an air defense behind them it will have a lot of time to inflict damage.

Step 4: DO NOT lure the clan troops or Heroes! Why? Two reasons: Dragons are not encumbered by walls and they do splash damage. Together this means, as a group, they will quickly roll over the clan troops. In fact the Dragon artificial intelligence makes them move toward the troops which, assuming the clan castle is centered, can actually help them path to the core.

Step 5:  Create a Funnel for your Dragons:
Doing this will correctly will dramatically change the outcome of your attacks. One the side or corner that you are going to attack from, deploy your Dragons away from OUTSIDE to INSIDE. In other words, if you are deploying from 10:00 to 2:00, you will deploy a dragon at 10:00 and 2:00, wait 2-4 seconds, then 10:30 & 1:30, wait 2-3 seconds, then 11:00 and 1:00, wait a second and then a few at 12:00. This creates a funnel–the dragons all move towards 12:00 and right into the base. You can use a Barb King or other troop at the outer portion of the funnel (at 10:00 and 2:00 in this case). You must clear the outsides of the funnel FIRST or the dragons will not go to the center.  (see the deployment stratagies used below—green numbers)
If you are farming, use can use archers or some other troop instead of dragons to take out the corners.

20150418-180732.jpg 20150418-182239.jpg

Step 6: Dropping on Free Buildings–maybe.
If there are outlying buildings on the deployment side that are out of range of air defenses (either in the map corners or just outside the walls) you can drop one dragon on each–once you are experienced and know what you need to attack with–if you are not great at making funnels and drags go wrong way, you will need every one of them to get to center. You don’t need 5 dragons attacking one building at once. Typically, the dragons are deployed from side to side coming closer to the center of the funnel, with extra dragons in the middle. If properly deployed, the dragons should come together in the middle. If they don’t, then the deployment was incorrect or poorly planned (building placement can affect the way the dragons go).
If you are farming, drop the archers to clear out all the buildings along this line so the dragons can get into the base quicker. Then drop the dragons in a short line near your target.

STEP 7: Rage/Heal? The role of the rage spell is to minimize the amount of time the dragons are within range of air defenses by having them move fast and destroy the air defenses quickly. Ideally you will use them fairly early – but only after the dragons are finished attacking the free outer buildings that are outside of air defense range, when they are grouped together (to affect as many as possible), and when they are being targeted by the air defense.. You want to rage as many dragons at once as you can. That is easiest to do when they are still all alive (or almost all). Be sure to drop the rage over dense groupings of buildings (not single isolated buildings) with the center point *just slightly ahead* of the dragon pack to maximize the time they are enraged. Do not lead them too far with the spell. They are slow. A good rule of thumb is to drop the spell on the neck/head of the lead dragon(s) in the pack as you expect the dragons to go into the raged area within a second. Most often, I use the first rage and heal together–depending upon how much damage the dragons are taking. If not much, i will save the heal for later. No sense using a heal if only one dragon is taking some damage. You may consider saving a rage for the core since the TH and CC have a lot of hit points.

STEP 8. Freeze? Save freeze for when a group (not the just the first dragon) comes in range of the infernos or multiple high level air defenses in the core. Always attempt to freeze multiple defenses at once. Disclaimer: I don’t have a freeze spell yet I am not an expert on this.

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How to beat EVERY TH7 base with ease.

With the recent updates on Clash of Clans, aerial assault is the strongest attack in the game against TH 7 & most TH 8 bases. Using all Dragons, it is quite easy to destroy every TH7 base and nearly all TH8 (at least 2 stars).

No more fussing with what troops to bring. No more worrying about traps, bombs, and Barbarian Kings. An all out dragon attack is a killer attack. Add some spells to it, and it is almost unbeatable. But is it?

Well, it is simple, but it does require some planning.

The single biggest threat is the air defense. The more upgraded the air defense, the bigger the threat. Also, Dragons are not smart–they attack the closest target–any target.

Successful attacks require careful planning. There are 2 options:

The lightening spell option: For bases with hard to reach air defenses, you could use 3 lightening spells to destroy the toughest air defense. I like this because it reduces the risk of error—using a spell in the wrong place or wrong time. And, I see that a lot!!!! Then it is simple, release the dragons. Actually, we don’t really do that. Never put the dragons in one spot. Try to release them in a line perpendicular to the air defense. I typically release 6-7, wait 10 seconds and release a few behind them right at the air defense. If you have a barb king or other troops, they are great to clear out buildings that are in the way first and then release the dragons.

The 2 Rage and one Healer Spell OR 3 Rage spell option: Alternatively, you would find the base’s strongest air defense and plan an attack that will send the Dragons towards that and continue in a direct line for the others.


  1. Use the Barb King to kill the TH or to remove buildings that stand between the dragons and the air defense.
  2. Often a corner is the best entry point–releasing the dragons in the shape of half a square along the corner.
  3. Release the dragons in a line, somewhat close together, so they don’t spread out too far from each other. Don’t release one on top of the other.
  4. Use Spells to keep them alive.
    1. Use Rage Spells to speed them up THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE BASE to kill the air defense as quickly as possible. Wizard towers and archer towers do damage too, so your attack plan should take them into consideration too. Too often people use the rage spells too early, on the perimeter of the base.
    2. Use a heal spell when several dragons have become weakened. Again, the key is to keep them alive. There is much debate on this as dragons under attack will sustain more damage then the heal can help, so some bring all rage.


  • Scan the base before attacking. Find the strongest air defense and either plan a line of attack from one to the others OR use 3 lightening spells to destroy it. Using 2 lightening spells to weaken it does not help.
  • Release the dragons in a line, so that the line (like a wall) advances towards the defenses. NEVER release a few dragons here and a few there. NEVER! Always release them together.
  • Use rage spells if the air defense is not very close to the perimeter and if it will take time for the dragons to get there. Use them when the dragons are close together so as many dragons are affected by the spell as possible.
  • Use a heal spell to heal hurt dragons–KEEP THEM ALIVE.

Have fun!

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How to never get raided in clash of clans–stay online 24/7–almost.

Now I am not a fan of cheats–heck it’s just not fair, but nothing bothers me more than losing my elixir and gold, especially when I am saving up for big upgrades.

This hack only works on a PC, not a phone or tablet.

USING YOUR PC:  manage your village using BlueStacks (…your-pc-or-mac/)

This requires you to keep your computer on.

As you all know, the game times out when you don’t touch your village, even on bluestacks.
You can’t be raided if  you are online. So….Here is a solution that will keep you online CONSTANTLY–so you cannot be raided.

Install Bluestacks on your computer.
Once you have downloaded the Android phone emulator and installed Clash of Clans on it, log in through your google plus account. See here if you don’t know how to import.(…-play-together/)

Then you will need to download “Free Mouse Auto Clicker” (http://download.cnet…4-75221696.html)

Install that and open it. It is very simple to use.
Personally I have mine set up to click every 5 seconds

(You can also auto pick up elixir or gold by having it click on a mine or pump, but with this method you can only select one thing to click on)

Make sure “Clicker where the mouse is” is checked. Click Start.

Put your mouse on a Elixir or gold mine, Hold CTRL + F2 to start it if it is not running and CTRL + F3 to stop it.

Obviously this will auto click where the mouse is at the time interval you have set up. If you move your mouse, it will click wherever the mouse pointer was last.

Enjoy waking up to all of your gold and elixir. No more raids. Now, it will kick you off after 24-36 hours so be prepared.  At some point, log off for 5-10 minutes, preferably a time when your resources are lower.

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TH7 Base design – Trophy Pushing – lose the least stars and protect your loot

First of all, what is your main objective? Is it for creating a war base? Is it for trophy pushing? Is it for keeping your goodies/raiding? Or, some may want a blended base (Hybrid), for both raiding and trophy pushing. That is the first question that you must ask yourself,because the base design will be very different.

The following bases are “good” designs for trophy pushing,  whose objective is to give up the least number of stars possible. In short, like in war, protect the Town Hall. But, since it is a village, we will protect some stores as well. In a war base, we would not care about the stores at all, but in a village, we do have to give it some consideration, even when trophy pushing. It would be great to give up 40% of the base, get a free shield, and walk away with most of our stores intact.

Some general thoughts:

  1. Walls – “Keep them out” is my philosophy-part 1. Use good walls on the outside to keep them out of important areas especially.  To get to the TH, you should have to go through at least 2 walls, and preferably 2 compartments
  2. Traps & Bombs: Where will they try to enter? It is at these points that you want to use your traps and bombs. If you have a high probability of entry (i.e. near an air defense), then putting them outside may be fine to “keep them out”. If not, then consider places inside with a high probability of traffic. Once in, I want to “kick them out”-part 2 of my philosophy. So, I will funnel troops towards traps or huge bombs. Others may choose not to funnel once inside the inner walls, and just focus on segregation—multiple closed areas, which works very well too.
  3. Air defense – Although not so much a problem with raids as in war, air assaults are becoming commonplace. Read my recent post on this subject and take this into consideration when designing your base.
  4. Protect your TH, unless you want to give it up. Some prefer to give up their TH for the common TH sniper, then gain the shield (like at bedtime), and restart the next day. That is great and very common. Alternatively, when my defenses are built up well, I often do the opposite-I build a great defensive base, that will lose to higher THs, but will be net positive in trophies—for doing nothing, just defending. This is an easy way to get trophies, but requires thought in developing a good strategic defensive base.
    1. UPDATE (5/2015). In the past 6 weeks, my base has upgraded well and it is much more difficult to attack. I have moved my TH just outside my walls, although within the range of an archer tower, cannon, and mortar. 9/10 times they snipe my TH, which costs them 40-60 troops and walk away. I lose 5-8 trophies and that is it. After all, with 150 troops they are not likely to make a dent in a nearly fully maxed TH7 base. Even TH8s get stuck as they expend so many troops to get my TH, which looks easy.  My stores are in the middle and protected by wiz towers, mortars, and teslas.
  5. Clan castle – Now, I HATE asking for clan-mates for troops. I hate it. Therefore, I put my cc deep in the base so that they only get lured out if the walls of my base are breached. Now, that happens 1 of every 10 attacks at most.
  6. Barbarian King – I don’t want to waste any dark elixir if he gets hurt. I put him pretty deep in the base so that he does not get lured out. When my TH is exposed (like it is now), I make sure that if someone is sniping my TH he is not in range to get lured out.
  7. Look at the attacks on your base-watch the replays. Make improvements. If you are losing trophies every day, not gaining, then something is wrong with your base, unless you are giving up your TH intentionally, then you want to lose the fewest amount of trophies possible.


Below: Good overall design, but I would like to get the Barbarian King Inside as he is an easy target out there. I would put an air seeking bomb near the bottom to help with aerial attacks.



POST your favorite base design!!! Let’s see what you have got.

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Clash of clans: What troops to request for your clan castle for attacking in war (troop composition)

Going to war? Need to know what troops you should request for your village clan castle for attack? The simple answer is: the best troops possible. Now, all kidding aside, you should request specific troops from your clan as based on your target, your ability, and what your clan has available, you may have different needs. Based on the size of the clan castle, here are my recommendations for troop requests.

cc of 10:

  • Two balloons
    • Great for bases that one can take out air defense and archer towers easily. Then deploy balloons and game over.
    • Balloons travel over walls and target defenses, keeping your troops alive longer. They have good splash damage.
    • They kill cc troops quickly, although are susceptible to archer attack if they have no ground targets.
    • For larger villages, or those with centrally located defenses (especially Mortars), balloons work great.
    • If you can get high level balloons, go for it!!! They are fantastic. But, you have to use them properly!!! Take out air defense, if any, before releasing them AND have archer- or wizard towers engaged with a giant before releasing the balloons. Alternatively,a barb can be used to distract the towers.
  • One balloon, one wizard, and one archer.
    • Good safe blend that works for any occasion.
    • If you are unsure what to bring, this is always great way to go.
    • Most players at this level don’t know how to handle balloons.
  • Two wizards and two archers
    • Good for most conditions. Wizards cause high splash damage, but are not the strongest in terms of taking hits. Both wizards and archers can shoot over walls. This combination causes much damage fast and can quickly destroy a village.
    • Great for attacking villages with targets adjacent to walls, which these troops can shoot over.
    • These troops are not the strongest in terms of taking hits, so use them in areas with poor defenses (i.e not subject to mortar attack)

cc of 15:

  • One Healer and One Archer
    • My recommendation if one cannot train a Healer. The rest are great if you have a healer.
  • Three Wizards, Three Archers
  • One Witch (if  you know how to use), Three Archers
  • One Valkyrie, One Wizard, Three Archers
  • One Valkyrie, Seven Archers
  • Three high level balloons
    • Great to have, but you must use them properly!. Use heal spells to keep them alive if needed.

cc of 20:

  • One Dragon
    • The best option if you know how to use them–keep them alive.
  • 4 Balloons (high level only) is my favorite option for those who are attacking with dragons. Unbeatable!
  • Balloons/Wizard/Archer combo
  • 5 Wizards (if very high level). Again, have to use them properly–have defenses engage another target then put Wizards behind–you don’t want the wizards targeted by defenses.

cc of 25:

This really depends upon HOW one is attacking: by ground, using what troops, etc.

  • One Dragon (if high level), One Wizard, One archer
  • 5 High Level Balloons
  • One P.E.E.K.A.
  • High level Hogs.
  • Witch, Wizards, Archers


The clan castle affords one the opportunity to use troops that they don’t have access to from their own barracks. The problem is, one usually has little experience in using these troops effectively. So, know the weaknesses of the troops and the strengths. In most cases, your clan castle troops will be your most effective troop in battle, when used correctly. So, when planning your attack, one should take great consideration in what troops to request and how to use them during the attack.

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