What is GoWiPe? How do I GoWiPe? Simple strategy for TH8s and new TH9s

This is a th8 guide-for those new to GoWiPe. Now, I am not a HUGE fan of GoWiPe. Why? It is a great strategy to 2 or 3 star maxed TH8 and 2 star weaker TH9 bases. Our clan 3 stars bases. Period! We have lost wars when we 3 starred every base except one, which we 2 starred. We have won several where we won by one star. So, using an attack strategy that is good for 2 starring, but not for 3 starring is not one that I prefer. That being said, may player like it. May use it. Some are pretty good at it, but I think it also holds many players back from thinking outside the box, evaluating bases for weakness, and exploiting them to get the 3 stars.

Nonetheless, it does have usefulness in showing ways of getting into the core of the base. The major drawback of this attack with 200 troops, is that one often is shorthanded–in need of a few troops more to get the job done. But, it is a good introduction to the use of Golems, which acts as a distraction to attract fire from defenses, while the real attacking troops can do their damage. In addition, they work well to set off bombs and traps, which they are largely unaffected by. Hopefully, you will think of this as an INTRODUCTION and not your final stop–meaning that you will use some elements from this strategy to incorporate into other attack strategies, and not just rely on GoWiPe or even  GoWiWi. If you do that, you will maximize your potential in war, using not one, but several different attack strategies based on the base that you are attacking. Most will have 2-3 different strategies that they must master at TH9 in order to be extremely competitive-usually focused on either Hogs (as with Golems/Hogs or GoHo, Hogs/Balloons or HoLo) or Balloons (as with Lava Hounds/Balloons or Lavaloon, Hogs/Balloons or HoLo), with supporting troops.

Here is the GoWiPe strategy:

To put it simply, one uses Golems, usually 2, to attract fire. They are like tanks in that they take a lot of hits, but damage they cause is slow. They go towards defenses. Wizards clean up to create your funnel, much in the same way we deploy dragons to funnel towards the center. In the center, we use our Pekkas and Royals (Barb King and possibly Queen) Long with wallbreakers to get into the center of the base.

For TH8, you have less spells than TH9, but rage is great to have. You can bring lightening to kill cc troops.

This is a simple video that explains:  Simple Guide to TH8 GoWiPe

Watch one of our new TH8s wipe out a TH8 using GoWiPe:  TonyA TH8 GoWiPe 3 star war attack on TH8

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How to make the best clan in clash of clans: Tips to making a great clan–secrets revealed

So many try to make their own clan. Many try several times. Most fail. Why? To put it simply, it is not easy!!! It takes a lot of work, careful planning, and a good team around you. So many have asked me what the secret is. Here are my clan making tips.

  1. Get a partner: It is very very difficult to start a clan alone. Even one other trusted clan-mate can make the difference of succeeding or failing. Three is better than two, etc. A partner can be a friend or someone that you know from CoC as long as there is trust.
  2. Friends: It is always fun to play with friends. But, it is also hard to get rid of one if he/she is not cutting it. So choose wisely and look at the other criteria below.
  3. Trophy Push: It is human nature, people want to be with winners. So as a clan you have a few things to make you a winner or at least appear like one. For those who are recruiting in global chat, the higher your trophies (especially when recruiting TH7 and lower) the more attractive you look.
  4. The top must be strong: The top half of your clan must be ROCK solid. If so, you will win wars. So, it is here that you must choose very very carefully.  For example, if you are a TH7 and starting a new clan, you could TRY to make it TH7 only, or take TH7 and lower. To be safe, you would want 5 of your first 10 to be STRONG TH7s. By doing this, the bottom 5 don’t matter. They don’t have to get a single star in war. The top half will win your wars–if they are STRONG.
  5. Keep THs close: In a perfect world, a clan would be all the same TH and the same level (i.e. Maxed TH7). That works great. If you can’t do this (nearly all can’t), at least keep the top half of the clan (that will be in wars) VERY close (i.e. TH8 and TH7). If you start spreading it out, you run the risk of bad match-ups. Even better, if the entire group can be close (i.e. all TH9s and TH8s; or TH8s and TH7s). As a leader, it would be optimal for you to be the top player, if not then you should be very close and the top player is a trusted player.
  6. What to look for:
    1. Scout Base
      1. Not rushed—TH and defenses are in check (Not TH7 with level 4 walls). RUSHED bases will KILL the clan if they are in the top half!!! If there is one piece of advice that you take from this, this is it!
      2. Camp size–are they at max troops for their TH level or really close? If not, consider passing or keeping them out of war.
      3. Spell Factory–maxed for their TH level. Spells are SO important in war and should NEVER be underestimated.
      4. Base design–if the base is not well designed, well expect the same for their war base.
    2. Profile
      1. War stars(bottom left on profile page)–after all, if you are going to war, you want someone that actually does WELL in wars. Anyone in the top of your clan has to do well or the clan will not.
      2. Troops(type and level)–do they have troops that are appropriate for their TH level? Are they maxed? This is very important.
      3. Attack Wins–are they active? Are they in a league? If they are not, they might be very LAZY–just rely on war for base growth. These type of players are not the best for the clan.
      4. Level–this does not have ANY indication of a good or bad player. Usually, it means that someone donates troops or does not. Someone who donates is GOOD for the clan, someone who is a taker, is not!
  7. Make rules: This is so often overlooked. Make rules for who can join, who can be in war, how one gets elder, how one gets co-.
    1. I am not in favor of giving elder or co- away. It can kill a clan if it is in the wrong hands. Everyone must be on the same page of the rules–who to accept and who to reject–or only a few have this responsibility.
    2. Early-to get your first 10, you may have to give away Elder. Once you get to 10, tighten the reigns and give NOTHING away.
    3. ELDER–I recommend giving with donations, solid play, and some loyalty (3-4 weeks). With more mature clans, make it longer.
    4. CO-LEADER–this is a very serious position. I do not recommend giving it to ANYONE that has not proven themselves to the clan–donations, leadership, trust, and GREAT war play.

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How to 3 star TH9s with 5 LavaHounds and Balloons

This is a great new strategy that utilizes 5 Lavahounds, 19-20 balloons.

I have seen so many Hound-Loon attacks fail. Why? What was going wrong. Here are some easy steps to improving your hound-loon attacks.

1. Draw out CC troops and kill them with your Heroes. YOU MUST KILL THE CC! If you can’t kill them with your cc, use a balloon or bring ground troops. In most cases, use the IRON FIST on your Barb King along with your Archer Queen. If you can kill the Archer queen, great, if not see #2.

2. Lavahounds-–Deploy 2 for 2 of the air defenses. If the Archer Queen is well protected (central), the hounds explode into pups, you RAGE to kill the Queen. This is a very important step so I will clarify. When the hounds explode into pups, rage them so they can kill the Queen.

3. The balloons take out the base.

The videos below are great–watch both!.



Air Sweeper in Clash of Clans

A new defense was added for TH6 and up. The Air Sweeper. It is very interesting little defense. that blows a puff of air every 3-4 seconds. The radius is similar to a mortar–shoots pretty far.  But, it only covers 33% of the circle. To clarify, it will COVER approximately 120-degrees. i have put a picture below which is of a sprinkler–which has similar coverage.  It only shoots forward in the direction that it is aimed. Once set, it will cover the range that it is set for. When activated, it shoots a narrower puff of air, about 1/3 of the coverage area, to push back the air troops.


  1. Balloons are affected most.
  2. Dragons are also fairly affected as are minions.
  3. Heavier flying troops are less affected.
    1. For air attacks, you must attack outside of the range of this. Scout the direction that it is covering, then attack from another angle. If you don’t know the direction, use a minion to scout it out.
    2. Alternatively, the air sweeper will lock onto a target and its affected area is very small (maybe 20-degrees). Therefore, if you attack from different angles (outside portions of its coverage), one of your attackers will be unaffected as it focuses on one target in a narrow blast.


  1. This will clearly change the way that bases are defended, especially in war.
  2. The idea in protecting against Dragon air attacks is to slow the progress of the Dragons. Previously we used high hitpoint buildings (i.e. storages) and placed them within the range of the air defenses, NOW, you will still probably do the same, but use the sweeper as an adjunct — to further slow troops.
  3. For TH 7s, I would put the blower such that it blows OVER the air defenses and TH–thus protecting them from all directions–no matter which way the Dragons come in to attack, it will get blown back.  I personally like to have the air sweeper blowing over the TH as well.


Once a target gets locked on, the area that is blown is much smaller that the wide range that it has–maybe 1/3.

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3-starTH9 attack -HoLoWiWi Attack: for ring-shaped, anti-hog and anti-dragon bases

I am a TH 7, so I have no experience with these attacks, but I am always looking for different ways of attacking. This was a simple strategy that combines the many benefits of different troops. 

This combination seems to address common base problems that we are seeing today–bases that have central air-defenses with ring-shaped outer defenses to protect against hog attacks.

Using the benefits of different troops, Hulkified presents a great way to attack different portions of the base using different troops.

1. The Loon (Balloons):
The Loon is used for taking out every or close to every defense in the outer ring. This is achieved by getting as close to a 1v1 for each defense as possible. This depends on distance and timing but that is a skilled learned from practice. Additionally, the balloons will lure out the cc troops. Average 15-20 balloons.

2. The Wizards (and Archers can be used too with Wizards):
Once the clan castle troops are out of the clan castle, lure the clan castle troops to a place on the base where they can be killed. The wizards are the K in your Killers, they are there to take out clan castle troops and heroes first and foremost, if they survive long enough then they help your hogs clean up the base.

3. The Witch:
The witch is your hero killing tank as well as the clan castle meat shield producer–the skeletons are targets for the clan castle troops. Heroes and CC both have a flaw and that flaw is they only attack one target, CC can attack multiple targets if you do no gather them correctly. So by using that flaw against heroes and CC you can negate their effectiveness. Heroes doing 200 damage a hit can still only kill 1 skeleton at a time, so it negates their high hit-level damage completely.

4. The Hog:

The Hogs job is to take out any of the remaining ring then head for the core. You also need hogs to survive until every hostile defense is killed, as they are your clean up crew. As with any hog attack, heal spells are a necessity and rage can be used as an additional spell. 

Pearl 1: Again, this attack will not work on all bases, but is good for some bases as discussed. Additionally, one still should try to identify possible locations of Tesla Towers and, more importantly, Giant Bombs as they will take out your Hogs quickly. It is important to plan your hog attacks in a way that you can avoid the giant bombs altogether, or, when not possible, trigger it with the fewest number of hogs possible. Also, it is best to hit the bomb from the shorter side to trigger one, but not all bombs. Ensure that you pre-heal your hogs prior to them hitting bombs. 

Pearl 2: The archer queen can ruin your day quickly. If it is over 10, and really over 15 or even 20, it will take out the hogs quickly!! The hogs look at the archer like a building, not a defense. Therefore, it will take out the closest building and, if one is closer than the queen, it will avoid the Queen. So, be careful!

Pearl 3: As with any attack strategy, you can change your troop composition, just use the principles presented here: (1) Balloons to take out outer defenses; (2) Troops of YOUR choice to take out clan castle troops, help with Archer Queen if possible,. and the surviving troops can help the hogs to destroy the base; and (3) the hogs.

Pearl 4: Clan Castle troops-if someone has hogs that are higher level than yours or even the same, bring them along in your clan castle.

Click on the link here to watch Hulkified’s attacks using this strategy.

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CC troops are flawed: How to kill clan castle troops EASILY.

Since the late 2015 update, killing most cc troops is easy for TH8 and above. POISON. Two will usually do. Pull the cc troops out, drop a poison, then a second. Gone! This is the most efficient way as you lose the fewest number of troops possible, thus saving them for your attack. Otherwise, look at strategies below.

In clash of clans, the troops that come out of a clan castle to defend the village or war base are programmed to only attack one unit at a time. Well, that is if you gather them together. If you allow them to spread out, they will attack multiple targets. That is why it is critical, with some exceptions, to get them together and destroy them early. The same holds true for heroes, obviously.

So what is the best way to kill clan castle troops? Well, that depends upon your TH Level.

TH10 & TH 9: Two poison spells are the easiest way to kill CC troops. Witches are a great way to kill cc troops. Witches produce skeletons. ALL of the cc troops target ONE skeleton. What a waste, right? Most use witches in combination with barbarians, wizards, or archers. Minions work great too as they go right at the troops, keeping the witches back to let the skeletons do all of the work. The skeletons serve as a distraction. The CC troops attack the skeletons while your other troops can kill them.

TH8: Depending upon your troop availability, you can use the TH9-10 strategy or TH7.

TH7: Most attacks during war will be with dragons and I do not recommend even thinking about clan castle troops with an all dragon attack at this TH level. I’ll repeat that. If you are doing a dragon attack on a base, do not worry about the cc troops. Forget about it! Your dragons will take care of them. You can of course drop a poison on them, but you should not lure the cc troops out–just start your attack. For ground attacks, you can use barbarians or, better yet, a giant to soak up hits while wizards quickly wipe out the cc troops. Archers can be used or minions, which I don’t recommend if one suspects as air assault. To defend against air troops, such as dragons, minions, and balloons, a ring of archers works great, although wizards would work well too.

TH6: Many will lure out the cc troops and use to use a lightening spell  against ground troops. Well, no more since the early 2015 update as lightening does not work on troops any longer.  Usually barbs (cheapest and very durable) and archers is all that you will need, but one can use barbs and wizards as well. I never like to have wizards attacked as they have relatively low hitpoints. Archers do as well. I would rather a different troop soak up damage (i.e. let the cc troops target the stronger defense troop), while archers or wizards clean up. When the opponent has a clan castle that can hold 20 spaces, always have anti-air troops ready–i.e. archers and/or wizards. Have the dragons target tougher ground troops (barbs or even a giant), and use wizards or archers to take them out. In reality, nothing really hurts a dragon unless you have Level6 wizards.

TH5: Same as TH6, although you will rarely attack a base that has a clan castle that can hold a dragon, although minions are possible. Always have archers on hand for this reason, especially in war. Alternatively, wizards will do just fine.

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How to 3 star TH7 and TH8 – a foolproof guide

Are you a TH7? Do you have 3 lightening spells? If so, then you should be three starring every TH7 base. Period. Only have 2 spells? What are you waiting for? Upgrade your spell factory.

Are you a TH8? With 2 rage and one heal spell or 3 rage spells and all dragons you should three star TH8s 75% of the time.

Below are the two BEST how to videos that apply to TH8. For TH7 attacks, use same dragon deployment, but take out the highest level air defense with three lightening spells. You can use the 2 raid and one heal, but the lightening spells are cheaper and foolproof.

Part 1: How to 3 star TH7s and TH8s with dragons

Part 2: Part 2: 3 starring TH7 and TH8s with dragons

This should be the be-all-end-all discussion of TH 7 and 8 dragon attacks.
Here is a quick look the attack strategies that I would use for our upcoming war. Ill post the outcome of our clanmates attacks on YouTube.

1. Use three lightening strikes to take out air defense circled in RED.
2. Deploy dragons in the order written in Green
3. When the ORANGE circled defenses are destroyed AND the air defense is attacking the dragons (past pink line) you can release your cc air balloons (orange or purple circle), which are rarely necessary.


For those who dont have 3 lightening spells look at the second to last picture.

1. Deploy dragons in the order written.
2. Use heal spell once dragons are together and engaged with air defense (past pink line). No rush as only one dragon is being attacked. You can wait until some damage taken (half). If you don’t need to, save it.
3. As dragons go into base, second AD will engage the dragons (blue circle and line). Once this happens, deploy cc balloons in the exact marked spot in purple so it will go at the second air defense. If you are a little to the left or right, it will go towards an other defense. If that happens use heal spell on balloons.
For our TH8 attack, look at the last picture.
1. Use three lightening spells to destroy red circled air defense.
2. Deploy dragons in order.
3. Once second ad is attacking a dragon (blue) AND enemy cc troops out of cc, release your cc balloons in purple x EXACTLY.

Thanks to Mikey who is the king of the dragon/raid/heal attack and fig who opened up my eyes to the 3 lightening spell use.





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