TH7 Base design – Trophy Pushing – lose the least stars and protect your loot

First of all, what is your main objective? Is it for creating a war base? Is it for trophy pushing? Is it for keeping your goodies/raiding? Or, some may want a blended base (Hybrid), for both raiding and trophy pushing. That is the first question that you must ask yourself,because the base design will be very different.

The following bases are “good” designs for trophy pushing,  whose objective is to give up the least number of stars possible. In short, like in war, protect the Town Hall. But, since it is a village, we will protect some stores as well. In a war base, we would not care about the stores at all, but in a village, we do have to give it some consideration, even when trophy pushing. It would be great to give up 40% of the base, get a free shield, and walk away with most of our stores intact.

Some general thoughts:

  1. Walls – “Keep them out” is my philosophy-part 1. Use good walls on the outside to keep them out of important areas especially.  To get to the TH, you should have to go through at least 2 walls, and preferably 2 compartments
  2. Traps & Bombs: Where will they try to enter? It is at these points that you want to use your traps and bombs. If you have a high probability of entry (i.e. near an air defense), then putting them outside may be fine to “keep them out”. If not, then consider places inside with a high probability of traffic. Once in, I want to “kick them out”-part 2 of my philosophy. So, I will funnel troops towards traps or huge bombs. Others may choose not to funnel once inside the inner walls, and just focus on segregation—multiple closed areas, which works very well too.
  3. Air defense – Although not so much a problem with raids as in war, air assaults are becoming commonplace. Read my recent post on this subject and take this into consideration when designing your base.
  4. Protect your TH, unless you want to give it up. Some prefer to give up their TH for the common TH sniper, then gain the shield (like at bedtime), and restart the next day. That is great and very common. Alternatively, when my defenses are built up well, I often do the opposite-I build a great defensive base, that will lose to higher THs, but will be net positive in trophies—for doing nothing, just defending. This is an easy way to get trophies, but requires thought in developing a good strategic defensive base.
    1. UPDATE (5/2015). In the past 6 weeks, my base has upgraded well and it is much more difficult to attack. I have moved my TH just outside my walls, although within the range of an archer tower, cannon, and mortar. 9/10 times they snipe my TH, which costs them 40-60 troops and walk away. I lose 5-8 trophies and that is it. After all, with 150 troops they are not likely to make a dent in a nearly fully maxed TH7 base. Even TH8s get stuck as they expend so many troops to get my TH, which looks easy.  My stores are in the middle and protected by wiz towers, mortars, and teslas.
  5. Clan castle – Now, I HATE asking for clan-mates for troops. I hate it. Therefore, I put my cc deep in the base so that they only get lured out if the walls of my base are breached. Now, that happens 1 of every 10 attacks at most.
  6. Barbarian King – I don’t want to waste any dark elixir if he gets hurt. I put him pretty deep in the base so that he does not get lured out. When my TH is exposed (like it is now), I make sure that if someone is sniping my TH he is not in range to get lured out.
  7. Look at the attacks on your base-watch the replays. Make improvements. If you are losing trophies every day, not gaining, then something is wrong with your base, unless you are giving up your TH intentionally, then you want to lose the fewest amount of trophies possible.


Below: Good overall design, but I would like to get the Barbarian King Inside as he is an easy target out there. I would put an air seeking bomb near the bottom to help with aerial attacks.



POST your favorite base design!!! Let’s see what you have got.

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Defense against air attacks in clash of clans.

Air assaults are becoming more and more common since the update to big bombs which deal 1.5x damage to hog riders. Now, every upgraded big bomb pack will kill your hog rider pack, even if you are using healing spells. So now this is the era of mass Dragon or Balloon attacks. This also changes the use of the heroes, as the Barbarian King is not able to attack airborne troops. So now defending against aerial assault is more important than ever. If you want to win in clan wars, you must be able to defend against aerial attacks.

Offensive Aerial Troops

Three aerial units (Healers are supporting unit and not included)

  • Minions: Basically flying Barbarians-take some damage and attack closest building
  • Balloons: Airborne hogriders–fly over walls and attack defensive buildings, but are very slow moving.
  • Dragons: They have lots of hit points and deal good damage, but they are slow and attack closest building.

The Inner Core

  • contain your most important buildings (Storages/X-Bows if you do a more farming layout or Town Hall/X-Bows if you do more trophy hunting or a War Base) and your Clan Castle .
    • Keep archers, wizards, or dragon in clan castle to destroy aerial units.
  • You can also think about setting the Archer Queens platform in there but you will not need the Barbarian King. If you are lower than Town Hall 8 you will most likely not have more than two layers so just put them all inside.

The outside Web

  • Goal: Wipe out Minions and lots of Balloons
  • How?
    • Air Mines
      • Use in between Wizard towers to broaden coverage. One explosion can take out 10+ minions
    • Wizard Towers. The Wizard Towers themselves don’t make very much impact damage but they are very strong against groups of Minions or Balloons (last one especially because they are very slow). Your Wizard Towers should not be that much outside that Minions or Balloons can directly target them so just put some Mines/Collectors/Army Camps or anything like this in front of them – while the Minions attack them the Wizard Tower will attack them.

You set your enemy’s path

They will attack where your Air Defenses are, because if not they will just kill all units while they attack other buildings. This is very useful for you because now you know where he/she will start and also where the troops will go. You remember I compared the Balloons to the Hog Riders? They have the exactly same routing system so you should always try to have a defensive building in your outside layer more close to the next than to the inside layer. While they go round and round your inside Air Defense will deal with them very quickly.

The Dragons are more complicated because they make much more damage and also move faster than the Balloons. The only real fear they have is stepping into a Seeking Air Mine. Seeking Air Mines will NOT get triggered by Minions so don’t be afraid to put them near your outside Air Defenses so you can kill one Dragon right away. You know what does more damage than 9 dragons? 10 dragons. That’s right: try to get the kill the Dragons as fast as possible.

Avoid common mistake

Don’t put too much inside. Seeking Air Mines are expensive, but they are not triggered by Minions.  Use these units to kill units that you definitely don’t want anywhere near your base–Dragons and also Healers.

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Upgrade order in clash of clans

Clash of Clans Upgrade Order Guide: General Rules

Upgrade Priority #1: Laboratory: Builder #1

At any Town Hall level, your top priority should be to upgrade the Laboratory. Upgrading units via research is the easiest and most effective way to increase your farming and war capabilities. Not only that, but research is often the most time-intensive step of a given Town Hall level. Upgrading the Laboratory early ensures you have enough time to complete your research by the time you move on to the next Town Hall level.

Upgrade Priority #2: New Barracks & New Army Camps: Builder #2

While your first builder can work on the Laboratory, any other free builders should start building any new Barracks or Army Camps that may have unlocked (only a few Town Halls add extra Barracks and Army Camps). This does not refer to upgrading old Army Camps or Barracks, but rather new ones. Adding a new Barracks or Army Camp significantly improves production and capacity respectively, significantly improving your farming abilities.

Upgrade Priority #3: Spell Factory & Army Camp Upgrades

After the Laboratory and new Barracks and Army Camps, the third priority task should be upgrading the Spell Factory and any Army Camps that are not max level. The reason for upgrading these relatively early is that upgrading either of these structures will increase your offensive capabilities, improving your farming and war capabilities.

At high levels (TH9+), upgrading your Army Camps this early is not only not recommended, but not practical given the high cost and long build time. While you will still upgrade the Army Camps before upgrading old towers, you may find it easier to build some of the “priority 4″ structures before upgrading all your camps.

Upgrade Priority #4: New Towers, New Walls, Storage Structures, and Dark Elixir Drills

After maxing out your offensive capabilities, it is time to start upgrading your defensive capabilities. The fastest way to improve your defensive skills is to add on new towers, complete their early upgrades (especially for the Cannon and Archer Tower), add new walls (do not max walls out at this step), and build additional storage structures.

Adding additional storage structures (gold and elixir storage) is actually more beneficial than most players realize. The amount of resources an opponent can steal is capped, so with additional storage structures, it becomes more difficult for the opponent to get access to all of your resources.

In this upgrade tier we will also include the Dark Elixir Drills. I like to upgrade these as a fairly high priority, given that Dark Elixir is a very limited resource and the drills produce quite a bit of it.

Upgrade Priority #5: Old Towers

After going for the easy and fast addition of new towers and walls, you should be ready to set up a good base layout for your new Town Hall. After you do that, you can start upgrading your existing defensive structures to their next levels. Be sure not to upgrade more than one Air Defense tower at a time; doing so will make you very vulnerable to enemy air attacks.

Upgrade Priority #6: Everything Else

At this point, you can upgrade your remaining structures as the resources become available. This includes things like leveling up your Barracks or Dark Barracks to the max level, upgrading resource collectors, and upgrading walls. These are all low-priority tasks that you can do as you get the resources.

When should I upgrade my TH? In short, don’t rush!

When is the best time to upgrade your town hall? This is a commonly asked question.

I believe that it is best to upgrade your town hall after everything (or nearly everything) has been completely upgraded. What do I mean? Everything means everything. This includes all walls, all the defenses, all buildings, all spells, troop upgrades (except ones that you will never use, like Goblins), etc. In short, I find many players advance their TH prematurely thinking that it will improve their game. In every instance, it has the opposite effect.

Why wait? Why not just upgrade and get better troops in the next TH? Let’s look at the two scenarios.

For one’s village, you get less loot when advancing TH because if you as attack lower TH levels, you get less. In my experience, if a player is not doing so well at their current TH, advancing to the next, thinking that better troops and defenses will help them, only makes things worse! Defensively, you lose more loot when getting attacked by, what was previously higher TH levels.

In war, clash of clans in the past did  not weigh the Town Hall itself to match up opponents, but does weigh what defenses and offenses one has. Some believe that the level carries less weight than having the offense or defense. I can assure you, rushed bases hurt the clan in war! How often? Always!  An unfair match will usually result, especially if walls are weak, defenses are weak, camps not fully upgraded, etc. I see this time and time again. The rushed player will usually be unable to take on bases that are of similar TH level,and often resorts to attacking lower level THs, which is usually not helpful to the clan.

I can only tell you from co-running a clan, that it is extremely frustrating when you get a bad matchup as result of those who have rushed their Town Hall–upgraded their TH prematurely.

So to put it in simple terms, when you rush your TH upgrade, you will pay for it and your clan will pay dearly for it. Instead, improve your game at your current TH level, if not your shortcomings will be carried on and magnified at higher TH levels.


Tip: Max out your gold and elixir when upgrading because it will be more difficult to get once you upgrade. Also, leave your loot in your clan castle. Fill it up as much as possible because when you upgrade, you will need it.

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