3-starTH9 attack -HoLoWiWi Attack: for ring-shaped, anti-hog and anti-dragon bases

I am a TH 7, so I have no experience with these attacks, but I am always looking for different ways of attacking. This was a simple strategy that combines the many benefits of different troops. 

This combination seems to address common base problems that we are seeing today–bases that have central air-defenses with ring-shaped outer defenses to protect against hog attacks.

Using the benefits of different troops, Hulkified presents a great way to attack different portions of the base using different troops.

1. The Loon (Balloons):
The Loon is used for taking out every or close to every defense in the outer ring. This is achieved by getting as close to a 1v1 for each defense as possible. This depends on distance and timing but that is a skilled learned from practice. Additionally, the balloons will lure out the cc troops. Average 15-20 balloons.

2. The Wizards (and Archers can be used too with Wizards):
Once the clan castle troops are out of the clan castle, lure the clan castle troops to a place on the base where they can be killed. The wizards are the K in your Killers, they are there to take out clan castle troops and heroes first and foremost, if they survive long enough then they help your hogs clean up the base.

3. The Witch:
The witch is your hero killing tank as well as the clan castle meat shield producer–the skeletons are targets for the clan castle troops. Heroes and CC both have a flaw and that flaw is they only attack one target, CC can attack multiple targets if you do no gather them correctly. So by using that flaw against heroes and CC you can negate their effectiveness. Heroes doing 200 damage a hit can still only kill 1 skeleton at a time, so it negates their high hit-level damage completely.

4. The Hog:

The Hogs job is to take out any of the remaining ring then head for the core. You also need hogs to survive until every hostile defense is killed, as they are your clean up crew. As with any hog attack, heal spells are a necessity and rage can be used as an additional spell. 

Pearl 1: Again, this attack will not work on all bases, but is good for some bases as discussed. Additionally, one still should try to identify possible locations of Tesla Towers and, more importantly, Giant Bombs as they will take out your Hogs quickly. It is important to plan your hog attacks in a way that you can avoid the giant bombs altogether, or, when not possible, trigger it with the fewest number of hogs possible. Also, it is best to hit the bomb from the shorter side to trigger one, but not all bombs. Ensure that you pre-heal your hogs prior to them hitting bombs. 

Pearl 2: The archer queen can ruin your day quickly. If it is over 10, and really over 15 or even 20, it will take out the hogs quickly!! The hogs look at the archer like a building, not a defense. Therefore, it will take out the closest building and, if one is closer than the queen, it will avoid the Queen. So, be careful!

Pearl 3: As with any attack strategy, you can change your troop composition, just use the principles presented here: (1) Balloons to take out outer defenses; (2) Troops of YOUR choice to take out clan castle troops, help with Archer Queen if possible,. and the surviving troops can help the hogs to destroy the base; and (3) the hogs.

Pearl 4: Clan Castle troops-if someone has hogs that are higher level than yours or even the same, bring them along in your clan castle.

Click on the link here to watch Hulkified’s attacks using this strategy.

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CC troops are flawed: How to kill clan castle troops EASILY.

Since the late 2015 update, killing most cc troops is easy for TH8 and above. POISON. Two will usually do. Pull the cc troops out, drop a poison, then a second. Gone! This is the most efficient way as you lose the fewest number of troops possible, thus saving them for your attack. Otherwise, look at strategies below.

In clash of clans, the troops that come out of a clan castle to defend the village or war base are programmed to only attack one unit at a time. Well, that is if you gather them together. If you allow them to spread out, they will attack multiple targets. That is why it is critical, with some exceptions, to get them together and destroy them early. The same holds true for heroes, obviously.

So what is the best way to kill clan castle troops? Well, that depends upon your TH Level.

TH10 & TH 9: Two poison spells are the easiest way to kill CC troops. Witches are a great way to kill cc troops. Witches produce skeletons. ALL of the cc troops target ONE skeleton. What a waste, right? Most use witches in combination with barbarians, wizards, or archers. Minions work great too as they go right at the troops, keeping the witches back to let the skeletons do all of the work. The skeletons serve as a distraction. The CC troops attack the skeletons while your other troops can kill them.

TH8: Depending upon your troop availability, you can use the TH9-10 strategy or TH7.

TH7: Most attacks during war will be with dragons and I do not recommend even thinking about clan castle troops with an all dragon attack at this TH level. I’ll repeat that. If you are doing a dragon attack on a base, do not worry about the cc troops. Forget about it! Your dragons will take care of them. You can of course drop a poison on them, but you should not lure the cc troops out–just start your attack. For ground attacks, you can use barbarians or, better yet, a giant to soak up hits while wizards quickly wipe out the cc troops. Archers can be used or minions, which I don’t recommend if one suspects as air assault. To defend against air troops, such as dragons, minions, and balloons, a ring of archers works great, although wizards would work well too.

TH6: Many will lure out the cc troops and use to use a lightening spell  against ground troops. Well, no more since the early 2015 update as lightening does not work on troops any longer.  Usually barbs (cheapest and very durable) and archers is all that you will need, but one can use barbs and wizards as well. I never like to have wizards attacked as they have relatively low hitpoints. Archers do as well. I would rather a different troop soak up damage (i.e. let the cc troops target the stronger defense troop), while archers or wizards clean up. When the opponent has a clan castle that can hold 20 spaces, always have anti-air troops ready–i.e. archers and/or wizards. Have the dragons target tougher ground troops (barbs or even a giant), and use wizards or archers to take them out. In reality, nothing really hurts a dragon unless you have Level6 wizards.

TH5: Same as TH6, although you will rarely attack a base that has a clan castle that can hold a dragon, although minions are possible. Always have archers on hand for this reason, especially in war. Alternatively, wizards will do just fine.

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Clash of Clans Troops: strengths and weaknesses

When attacking, there are several factors to consider: 1)What troops to bring; 2)Where to release them; 3)When to release them; 4)What spells to bring; 4)When and where to release them.

With this post, we are going to focus on how to best use the troops that you have–get the most out of your troops. For raiding, many choose to use the cheapest, fastest combination of troops, which is very different than war or fighting tough enemies. At least, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of each troop to get the most out of them.



Up to TH7, these guys are the toughest troop that you have–in terms of hit points and damage given it is a great balance.


  • Well-balanced in terms of hit points and damage that it inflicts
  • Cheap and fast to train
  • In hoards, they do great damage


  • They are a close combat troop–they must be face-to-face to do damage
  • They like to hoard together, making them somewhat susceptible to splash damage from mortars and wizard towers and spring traps
  • Will attack the closest thing to them


  • Great troop to send in first.
  • Send in small bunches (5 troops) or spread out to avoid splash damage from mortars and wizard towers
  • Great as a distraction–take on fire from defenses while your second line troops (archers or wizards) shoot from a distance
    • They take a good amount of damage, so can soap up hits while second line, with less hit points, do their damage
    • Works great to draw enemy fire when spread out around a base
  • Break walls (I prefer wallbreakers for tougher walls), and send in barbs in larger numbers to cause mass destruction quickly. Watch out for spring traps–look for empty spaces within walls.
  • Use barbs to get rid of bombs and spring traps. Send one or two into an area to walk over suspicious areas to save more important troops or hoards of troops.
  • Use to lure out clan castle troops
barb attack
barb attack


Up to TH7, they cause a fair amount of damage, but don’t take a lot of hits. They can be used as a primary troop, but work very well as a secondary troop (behind primary troops–barbs or giants).


  • Do a fair amount of damage
  • Shoot from a distance–no need to be face-to-face
  • fairly cheap to train
  • Shoot over walls. No need to break down walls when you can just shoot over them, right? Great troop to use to shoot TH or defenses that are close to walls.


  • Low hit points for lower levels (1-3) making them very susceptible to splash damage from mortars and wizard towers
  • cost more than Barbarians to train
  • Will attack the closest thing to them.


  • A great second wave troop–put behind Barbarians or Giants who can soap up damage while the archers do damage from a distance
  • Never bunch together–spread them out to avoid splash damage which can take out lots of them quickly
  • Great to have a few on hand to take care of any flying troops in the enemies clan castle. Alternatively, wizards can be used.
  • A great troop to draw enemy fire–especially when spread out around a base.


These units are great as they primarily target defenses. A great unit for war and for tougher bases. Take a fair amount of damage so they work great as a primary unit (to take damage) while a secondary unit can be sent in behind them to assist (i.e. Wizards or Archers). They work great with Healers.


  • Attack defenses first
  • Take a fair amount of damage
  • Are healers preferred partner–a great combination
  • Most defenses will target Giants first, so work as a great distraction


  • Take up 5 housing spaces
  • When looking at their hit points and damage, are usually less than 5 barbs combined (which take up same space)
  • Take a long time to break down strong walls (purple or higher), gold not so bad. So bring wall breakers if there are tougher walls.


  • If available, use with a Healer. If you can’t train a healer, request one for your clan castle if you have 15 housing spaces.
  • Use to take out defenses and draw fire.
  • Use in combination with other troops–send in Giants to target defenses, and for defenses to target, follow with other troops behind.
  • Take out strong defenses early with Giants–Mortars and Wizard Towers.
  • Take out air defenses first with Giants if you are using air troops (i.e Healer, Balloons, Dragon, etc).
  • It is so important that I will repeat myself, use in combination with other troops–send in Giants, back them up with archers or wizards if they are not susceptible to fire (especially splash damage from mortar or wizard tower)
  • Don’t use them to break stronger walls, use wallbreakers.
  • Work well with balanced troop combinations–


This troops cannot withstand much damage, but targets the closest wall.


  • Don’t bring too many, don’t bring too few. The tougher the walls, the more you need. Most will bring 3-6 (average 4). For high TH bases (9 and 10), many more are needed.
  • Sometimes takes more than one to break tougher walls
  • Always send in BEHIND another troop that can draw enemy fire, as the wallbreakers are destroyed easily. So typically, if I want to send in Giants to destroy a defensive unit, I would deploy them FIRST and once the defenses are attacking the Giant, I release the wallbreakers.


This troop shoots from a distance and causes a good amount of damage, although does not take much damage.


  • Do a good amount of damage
  • Level up very well (higher levels do more and more significant damage)
  • Shoot from a distance
  • A few together can destroy most buildings very quickly


  • Have relatively low hitpoints and are very susceptible to splash damage
  • High training cost and time


  • Higher level wizards (level 3 and up), especially, can be used well in attacks.
  • Very fragile so must be used in areas that are not targeted by mortars and wizard towers, unless they are distracted (firing on another troop)
  • Work well with Healers, but must be far enough away from giants, who the healer will prefer
  • A few together can do massive damage quickly.
  • Send in BEHIND other units to wipe out a base. For example, send in BEHIND giants–who will take the hits from the defensive.


This troop heals troops from damage. Works great with giants and pretty good with wizards. It is easily destroyed by air defenses and targeted by archer towers.


  • Helps keep troops alive


  • Takes up a lot of housing (14 spaces) and high training cost and time
  • Destroyed quickly from air defense
  • Does not heal Dragons or other flying units.


  • Use with Giants, which is its preferred target.
  • Can be used with Wizards, although more than one healer works better.
  • Take out air defense prior to releasing, if being used in an area that air defense can target
  • Keep archer towers distracted as they will target healer
  • Use until you have heal spells, then consider that instead.


This troop flies and has a good amount of hitpoints and a fair attack damage. Like most other troops, it will attack the closest unit (defense or other)–no preference.


  • Flies
  • Takes a good amount of damage


  • Takes up 20 housing spaces
  • Costs 25000+ in elixir
  • Attack damage not great, but still good.


  • For war, if attacking from the air, go all air.
  • for TH7, works great alone (all drags)
  • for TH8, works great alone (all drags). Using HIGH level balloons in cc is helpful.
  • Plan attacks around Air Defense
  • HOW you deploy the dragons is the key–see other posts on this.

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TH6 Attack Strategies – how to 3 star every TH6

Fully upgraded TH6 can be difficult to destroy with 150 troops or less. Fully upgraded walls are difficult to break, along with a complement of 3 archer towers, 3 canons, 2 mortars, and 2 wizard towers make it challenging. That being said, if one has a fully upgraded TH6 they should be able to 3 star (fully destroy) 95% of TH6 bases.

There are many different troop combinations that one can use, and everyone will have one that works best for them. Post a comment with your favorite troop combination. Without question, I have found the best war troops for me to bring are as follows:

  • One healer
  • 10 giants (up to 15)
  • 3 Wall breakers (up to 5)
  • 31+/- Archers
  • 49+/- Barbarians
  • Two healing spells

I rarely modify this, and when I do, it usually does not go as well. Why? If i bring an extra healer, I may not have enough troops to get the job done. I love the heal spells, which alleviates the need for the additional healer anyway. The same holds true if I bring more giants, which I occasionally do. More wizards means less troops overall and they do not have a high hit point so they get destroyed easily. If one uses them, they must be behind giants or in areas where the defenses are down or attacking other troops.


  1. Scout base.
    1. Look in corners. Scan entire base.
      1. I will drop a barb next to every corner where there is an outlying building as I NEVER want to not get 3 stars because of a single building that was forgotten.
    2. Find the clan castle.
      1. Where can I drop a barb away from everything else to lure out the troops.
      2. I will then circle archers around. I never bunch up archers because if there is a wizard in the clan castle, the splash damage takes out archers quickly. So, to keep it simple, I just do the same thing every time to reduce the risk of error, and circle them around–every time!
    3. Find the air-defense
      1. I will go after that, sometimes at the same time as A & B above to reduce the risk of running out of time.
    4. Find archer towers & wizard towers, which can attack healers.
    5. Find the Town Hall and plan an attack there
    6. Look for any empty spaces within walls and always assume that there is a trap there.
      1. I never want a hoard of giants running over a trap. NEVER. I plan my attack so that they do not go over the areas where traps might be.
  2. Fill your Clan Castle with troops that you need.
    1. Dragon
      1. Is a great complement! Works best in compact base designs that are not spread out.
      2. Must wipe out air defenses prior to releasing, unless you have a HIGH level dragon and air defenses are level 1 or 2. Alternatively, you can release in an area that is not protected by air defense.
      3. Are attacked by archer towers and wizard towers. Keep them distracted so your dragon can stay alive.
      4. If you have to, use your heal spell as you want your dragon alive as long as possible.
    2. Balloons
      1. Higher level balloons (Level 5 are OK, level 6 are killer, don’t bring anything less) are great for taking out canons and mortars.
      2. Must wipe out air defenses prior to releasing as they are easily destroyed.
      3. Are attacked and quickly killed by Archer towers and Wizard towers. Level 5+ balloons hold up a bit longer. Keep archer towers and wizard towers distracted so your balloons can quickly destroy them.
    3. Wizards
      1. High level Wizards are always great–huge splash damage and destroy bases very quickly.
      2. Not the strongest in terms of hit points and can get killed fairly easily.
      3. Release in areas that are defenseless, release behind Giants, or protect them with heal spell.
        1. Often good to release them behind the Giants as the Giants soak up damage and take out defenses, and the Wizards target the closest buildings.
      4. Avoid areas that are subject to Mortar attack or Wizard tower attack as splash damage wipes them out pretty quickly.
    4. Archers
      1. The single best “all around” unit to take. Works well in almost any situation, especially if one is not sure what they need. I never say no to high level archers, although depending upon the situation, better options often exist (i.e. Dragon, Balloons).
  3.  Attack This strategy is focused around having the Giant/healer combination destroy the defenses. That is it!  So, as with any ground attack, you must first kill the clan castle troops BEFORE starting your full attack. I like to get rid of any buildings in the corners too. Once the clan castle troops are killed, my first order of business is to try to take down the air defense as quickly as possible–I am focused on that and that alone. Once it is down, my Healer/Giant combo will wreck the base with other troops supporting. Here is the plan:
    1. Drop a barb at each corner that there is a building. I usually do this first so that I don’t forget. There is nothing worse than getting 99% base destroyed with one Builder’s hut in a corner left standing.
    2. Lure out CC troops and when they move away circle with archers. I never like to bunch up archers, which make them susceptible to splash damage. You must kill the cc troops or your attack will fail. Some like to use a lightening spell to kill them, once you have them compacted together.
    3. Destroy air defense, unless it is centrally located in which case I have to plan differently.
      1. Send in Giants to destroy air-defenses located near the perimeter. If the air defense is susceptible to archer attack (near a wall), use that–sometimes, I will put one giant first (to draw nearby fire and keep my archers alive. Alternatively, you could use a barb, but they won’t last that long if more than one defense can attack it).
      2. Bases with well-protected air defenses can be very difficult, especially centrally located ones.
      3. Use wall-breakers to break walls, especially higher level walls, as giants may be slow to break through.
      4. Use Heal spell to keep giants or archers alive until it is safe to release your healer. This is super important–you need your giants to survive as they are the key to this attack strategy.
    4. Immediately after Air defense is destroyed, I send in my Healer (to keep my Giants alive) and , if I have one in my clan castle, my Dragon.
      1. For bases with a well-protected air-defense, you can send the healer in early, but must put a heal spell on it when it gets attacked or you will lose her quickly.
    5. Send in the Barbs!
      1. Once Giant/Healer is in effect, i release the barbs.
    6. Ensure the archer towers are distracted by Giants, Barbs, or Archers or they will target and destroy your Healer. This is important!!! You want to keep your Giants and healer alive as long as possible!
    7. Archers or Wizards to shoot over walls at defenses & TH. These troops are easily destroyed so spread them out to avoid splash damage. Deploy them in poorly defended areas if possible. Use heal spell if needed.


  • Healer
    • Works best with Giants.
    • Not as effective with other troops, although can be used with Wizards.
    • Never send in unless air defense is destroyed, unless it is deployed with Giants in an area not protected by air defense (but plan on taking out that air defense before the healer gets within range)
  • Heal Spell
    • Often underused and the most helpful spell at TH6
    • Will keep critical troops (usually Giants) alive at critical times
      • often used before healer is released to keep Giants alive
      • can be used on strong clan castle troops (i.e. Wizards or Dragon) when they are destroying defenses and getting attacked and at risk for destruction. Dragons have very high hit points and can withstand significant punishment. Wizards always need help, but even with heal spell they can get destroyed fairly easily if under heavy attack by two or three defenses at the same time.
  • Dragon
    • If you have a Dragon in your clan castle, then use it and use it as early as possible–when it is safe! If air defenses are low (level 1 or 2) and Dragon is higher level, you will have no problem. Keep it alive! Use heal if needed.
    • Best to deploy after air defenses are destroyed if deployed in an area that is protected by air defense, or deploy in area that is not covered/protected by air defense as long as you are timing your attack that your other troops will take down the air defense when the dragon enters into the area in which the air defense covers.
    • They move slowly! Works best in areas concentrated with buildings close together. Destroys buildings and defenses easily.
  • Walls
    • Giants are not very good at getting through higher level walls. Use wall breakers to break through.
    • Release walbreakers BEHIND other troops (so that defenses will fire on other troops as the wallbreakers are easily killed).
    • Bring a couple more wall breakers if the target has purple walls as they can be very tough to get through.
  • Missing the obvious
    • Forgetting to scan the entire base before the attack starts–not seeing buildings in corners
    • Not seeing open spaces where traps could be. Always assume that traps and bombs are in open spaces within walls
  • Not reflecting on previous attacks (your own)
    • If you are averaging 1 star per attack, something is wrong. Very wrong! One must self-reflect, look at replays, share replays with others, figure out where you went wrong. Often, it is as simple as choosing the wrong base–one that is just too tough for you. Often people feel that they need better troops and rush their base (upgrade their TH prematurely)–this is a disaster that NEVER works out. This is so important that I will repeat it–if you feel the need to rush and upgrade your TH to get better troops before your village is COMPLETELY upgraded, this will not help in war, it will make it impossible! It is not the troops that are the problem!
  • Watch the replays in war. See how other attacks failed. See why others succeeded. Learn from the techniques of others. Watch how the giants path–from one defense to the closest next one. Watch how other troops path–from one building to the next closest. This is very important.
  • Time
    • With 150 troops or less, attacks can be rather slow and time is limited. Often, you have to multi-task–do more than one thing at once to save time (i.e. take care of clan castle troops at the same time that you start your giant attack on the air defense (if they are not in range of each other). It is critical to master this skill as it is so common to see GREAT attacks two-star only because they ran out of time. With the recent update late 2015, more time is added to attacks making them easier.
  • Share your attacks and defensive stands with your clanmates. Share ideas. You are a team, work together.
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