3 star GoWipe for TH8’s – maybe the most foolproof plan yet?

With the recent updates in clash of clans, the all dragon attacks are getting harder and harder, especially for maxed TH8s. I have seen some of the best dragon attackers fail on multiple occasions. They had successfully changed the game, for the better. Although the recent earthquake addition has helped. At TH8, we must sometimes rely on other ways of getting 3 stars.

I have never been a big fan of GoWiPe.  Mostly because Pekkas never seem to do what you want. They are unpredictable, or more accurately they are predictably unpredictable. In one of our recent wars, I saw some of the best GoWiPe attacks that I have seen. All for 3 stars. Here is how it works.


  • 2 Golems
  • 5 Wallbreakers
  • 3 Pekkas (one can be in cc)
  • 20 Wizards
  • 2 Heal Spells, 1 Rage (you can use 2 Rage, 1 Heal, but the former is recommended)


  1. Keep Golems alive with heal. They must remain throughout the entire attack.
  2. Drop 2 Golems close together to break through wall.
  3. Drop Wizards (only 5-10) behind Golems, not too spread out.
  4. Use wallbreakers to get through walls into core
  5. Then, follow with wizards-so wizards go into the core with the Golems. You can use wizards to help kill cc troops.
  6. You can drop a Pekka to go into core, but they will may not follow Golem
  7. Use Pekkas to clean up outside of base



How to make the best clan in clash of clans: Tips to making a great clan–secrets revealed

So many try to make their own clan. Many try several times. Most fail. Why? To put it simply, it is not easy!!! It takes a lot of work, careful planning, and a good team around you. So many have asked me what the secret is. Here are my clan making tips.

  1. Get a partner: It is very very difficult to start a clan alone. Even one other trusted clan-mate can make the difference of succeeding or failing. Three is better than two, etc. A partner can be a friend or someone that you know from CoC as long as there is trust.
  2. Friends: It is always fun to play with friends. But, it is also hard to get rid of one if he/she is not cutting it. So choose wisely and look at the other criteria below.
  3. Trophy Push: It is human nature, people want to be with winners. So as a clan you have a few things to make you a winner or at least appear like one. For those who are recruiting in global chat, the higher your trophies (especially when recruiting TH7 and lower) the more attractive you look.
  4. The top must be strong: The top half of your clan must be ROCK solid. If so, you will win wars. So, it is here that you must choose very very carefully.  For example, if you are a TH7 and starting a new clan, you could TRY to make it TH7 only, or take TH7 and lower. To be safe, you would want 5 of your first 10 to be STRONG TH7s. By doing this, the bottom 5 don’t matter. They don’t have to get a single star in war. The top half will win your wars–if they are STRONG.
  5. Keep THs close: In a perfect world, a clan would be all the same TH and the same level (i.e. Maxed TH7). That works great. If you can’t do this (nearly all can’t), at least keep the top half of the clan (that will be in wars) VERY close (i.e. TH8 and TH7). If you start spreading it out, you run the risk of bad match-ups. Even better, if the entire group can be close (i.e. all TH9s and TH8s; or TH8s and TH7s). As a leader, it would be optimal for you to be the top player, if not then you should be very close and the top player is a trusted player.
  6. What to look for:
    1. Scout Base
      1. Not rushed—TH and defenses are in check (Not TH7 with level 4 walls). RUSHED bases will KILL the clan if they are in the top half!!! If there is one piece of advice that you take from this, this is it!
      2. Camp size–are they at max troops for their TH level or really close? If not, consider passing or keeping them out of war.
      3. Spell Factory–maxed for their TH level. Spells are SO important in war and should NEVER be underestimated.
      4. Base design–if the base is not well designed, well expect the same for their war base.
    2. Profile
      1. War stars(bottom left on profile page)–after all, if you are going to war, you want someone that actually does WELL in wars. Anyone in the top of your clan has to do well or the clan will not.
      2. Troops(type and level)–do they have troops that are appropriate for their TH level? Are they maxed? This is very important.
      3. Attack Wins–are they active? Are they in a league? If they are not, they might be very LAZY–just rely on war for base growth. These type of players are not the best for the clan.
      4. Level–this does not have ANY indication of a good or bad player. Usually, it means that someone donates troops or does not. Someone who donates is GOOD for the clan, someone who is a taker, is not!
  7. Make rules: This is so often overlooked. Make rules for who can join, who can be in war, how one gets elder, how one gets co-.
    1. I am not in favor of giving elder or co- away. It can kill a clan if it is in the wrong hands. Everyone must be on the same page of the rules–who to accept and who to reject–or only a few have this responsibility.
    2. Early-to get your first 10, you may have to give away Elder. Once you get to 10, tighten the reigns and give NOTHING away.
    3. ELDER–I recommend giving with donations, solid play, and some loyalty (3-4 weeks). With more mature clans, make it longer.
    4. CO-LEADER–this is a very serious position. I do not recommend giving it to ANYONE that has not proven themselves to the clan–donations, leadership, trust, and GREAT war play.

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