Rules & Requirements to Join the Dozers

We are the Dozers!

Thinking about joining? No problem. We are invite only, but you are more than welcome to request to join. Who knows, maybe you are a great fit. We are a fun, social group, who all love the game and just have a good time together. No drama, just good fun and teamwork.

Every organization has rules. So, why shouldn’t a clan in clash of clans have a rules? Of course it should.

Prerequisites to join Dozers clan:
1. Good base design or willing to update and improve quickly
2. No rushed TH-a base that has low level walls and buildings and high level TH (we will allow some to join now, but you will sit out for many wars) or far from maxed troops
3. You are an active player–in a league and ready for war.
4.You are a team player.

5. You speak English (no, I am not joking).

6. Currently accepting TH7s, TH8s (maxed war troops only, 200+ stars in war), and TH9s (maxed war troops only, 200+ stars in war).

Dozers 2.0

  1. TH6-8
  2. TH6 must have 150 troops to be in war with maxed troops; TH7 must have 180 troops with drags and 3 spells
  3. All should have nearly-maxed camps to be in war
  4. Good base design and willingness to change
  5. Must be active in league to be in war
  6. You speak English

Dozers 2.0 gets full support from Dozers Th8&9s.


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