What is GoWiPe? How do I GoWiPe? Simple strategy for TH8s and new TH9s

This is a th8 guide-for those new to GoWiPe. Now, I am not a HUGE fan of GoWiPe. Why? It is a great strategy to 2 or 3 star maxed TH8 and 2 star weaker TH9 bases. Our clan 3 stars bases. Period! We have lost wars when we 3 starred every base except one, which we 2 starred. We have won several where we won by one star. So, using an attack strategy that is good for 2 starring, but not for 3 starring is not one that I prefer. That being said, may player like it. May use it. Some are pretty good at it, but I think it also holds many players back from thinking outside the box, evaluating bases for weakness, and exploiting them to get the 3 stars.

Nonetheless, it does have usefulness in showing ways of getting into the core of the base. The major drawback of this attack with 200 troops, is that one often is shorthanded–in need of a few troops more to get the job done. But, it is a good introduction to the use of Golems, which acts as a distraction to attract fire from defenses, while the real attacking troops can do their damage. In addition, they work well to set off bombs and traps, which they are largely unaffected by. Hopefully, you will think of this as an INTRODUCTION and not your final stop–meaning that you will use some elements from this strategy to incorporate into other attack strategies, and not just rely on GoWiPe or even  GoWiWi. If you do that, you will maximize your potential in war, using not one, but several different attack strategies based on the base that you are attacking. Most will have 2-3 different strategies that they must master at TH9 in order to be extremely competitive-usually focused on either Hogs (as with Golems/Hogs or GoHo, Hogs/Balloons or HoLo) or Balloons (as with Lava Hounds/Balloons or Lavaloon, Hogs/Balloons or HoLo), with supporting troops.

Here is the GoWiPe strategy:

To put it simply, one uses Golems, usually 2, to attract fire. They are like tanks in that they take a lot of hits, but damage they cause is slow. They go towards defenses. Wizards clean up to create your funnel, much in the same way we deploy dragons to funnel towards the center. In the center, we use our Pekkas and Royals (Barb King and possibly Queen) Long with wallbreakers to get into the center of the base.

For TH8, you have less spells than TH9, but rage is great to have. You can bring lightening to kill cc troops.

This is a simple video that explains:  Simple Guide to TH8 GoWiPe

Watch one of our new TH8s wipe out a TH8 using GoWiPe:  TonyA TH8 GoWiPe 3 star war attack on TH8

Are you a solid TH7,8 or 9? Join the Dozers!


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