How to 3 star TH9s with 5 LavaHounds and Balloons

This is a great new strategy that utilizes 5 Lavahounds, 19-20 balloons.

I have seen so many Hound-Loon attacks fail. Why? What was going wrong. Here are some easy steps to improving your hound-loon attacks.

1. Draw out CC troops and kill them with your Heroes. YOU MUST KILL THE CC! If you can’t kill them with your cc, use a balloon or bring ground troops. In most cases, use the IRON FIST on your Barb King along with your Archer Queen. If you can kill the Archer queen, great, if not see #2.

2. Lavahounds-–Deploy 2 for 2 of the air defenses. If the Archer Queen is well protected (central), the hounds explode into pups, you RAGE to kill the Queen. This is a very important step so I will clarify. When the hounds explode into pups, rage them so they can kill the Queen.

3. The balloons take out the base.

The videos below are great–watch both!.


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