How to beat EVERY TH7 base with ease.

With the recent updates on Clash of Clans, aerial assault is the strongest attack in the game against TH 7 & most TH 8 bases. Using all Dragons, it is quite easy to destroy every TH7 base and nearly all TH8 (at least 2 stars).

No more fussing with what troops to bring. No more worrying about traps, bombs, and Barbarian Kings. An all out dragon attack is a killer attack. Add some spells to it, and it is almost unbeatable. But is it?

Well, it is simple, but it does require some planning.

The single biggest threat is the air defense. The more upgraded the air defense, the bigger the threat. Also, Dragons are not smart–they attack the closest target–any target.

Successful attacks require careful planning. There are 2 options:

The lightening spell option: For bases with hard to reach air defenses, you could use 3 lightening spells to destroy the toughest air defense. I like this because it reduces the risk of error—using a spell in the wrong place or wrong time. And, I see that a lot!!!! Then it is simple, release the dragons. Actually, we don’t really do that. Never put the dragons in one spot. Try to release them in a line perpendicular to the air defense. I typically release 6-7, wait 10 seconds and release a few behind them right at the air defense. If you have a barb king or other troops, they are great to clear out buildings that are in the way first and then release the dragons.

The 2 Rage and one Healer Spell OR 3 Rage spell option: Alternatively, you would find the base’s strongest air defense and plan an attack that will send the Dragons towards that and continue in a direct line for the others.


  1. Use the Barb King to kill the TH or to remove buildings that stand between the dragons and the air defense.
  2. Often a corner is the best entry point–releasing the dragons in the shape of half a square along the corner.
  3. Release the dragons in a line, somewhat close together, so they don’t spread out too far from each other. Don’t release one on top of the other.
  4. Use Spells to keep them alive.
    1. Use Rage Spells to speed them up THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE BASE to kill the air defense as quickly as possible. Wizard towers and archer towers do damage too, so your attack plan should take them into consideration too. Too often people use the rage spells too early, on the perimeter of the base.
    2. Use a heal spell when several dragons have become weakened. Again, the key is to keep them alive. There is much debate on this as dragons under attack will sustain more damage then the heal can help, so some bring all rage.


  • Scan the base before attacking. Find the strongest air defense and either plan a line of attack from one to the others OR use 3 lightening spells to destroy it. Using 2 lightening spells to weaken it does not help.
  • Release the dragons in a line, so that the line (like a wall) advances towards the defenses. NEVER release a few dragons here and a few there. NEVER! Always release them together.
  • Use rage spells if the air defense is not very close to the perimeter and if it will take time for the dragons to get there. Use them when the dragons are close together so as many dragons are affected by the spell as possible.
  • Use a heal spell to heal hurt dragons–KEEP THEM ALIVE.

Have fun!

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