How to never get raided in clash of clans–stay online 24/7–almost.

Now I am not a fan of cheats–heck it’s just not fair, but nothing bothers me more than losing my elixir and gold, especially when I am saving up for big upgrades.

This hack only works on a PC, not a phone or tablet.

USING YOUR PC:  manage your village using BlueStacks (…your-pc-or-mac/)

This requires you to keep your computer on.

As you all know, the game times out when you don’t touch your village, even on bluestacks.
You can’t be raided if  you are online. So….Here is a solution that will keep you online CONSTANTLY–so you cannot be raided.

Install Bluestacks on your computer.
Once you have downloaded the Android phone emulator and installed Clash of Clans on it, log in through your google plus account. See here if you don’t know how to import.(…-play-together/)

Then you will need to download “Free Mouse Auto Clicker” (http://download.cnet…4-75221696.html)

Install that and open it. It is very simple to use.
Personally I have mine set up to click every 5 seconds

(You can also auto pick up elixir or gold by having it click on a mine or pump, but with this method you can only select one thing to click on)

Make sure “Clicker where the mouse is” is checked. Click Start.

Put your mouse on a Elixir or gold mine, Hold CTRL + F2 to start it if it is not running and CTRL + F3 to stop it.

Obviously this will auto click where the mouse is at the time interval you have set up. If you move your mouse, it will click wherever the mouse pointer was last.

Enjoy waking up to all of your gold and elixir. No more raids. Now, it will kick you off after 24-36 hours so be prepared.  At some point, log off for 5-10 minutes, preferably a time when your resources are lower.

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4 thoughts on “How to never get raided in clash of clans–stay online 24/7–almost.

  1. I have been trying this.. And eventually the game says that my little workers need a time out…

    I didn’t try mouse clicking an item like a gold storage.. I set it in an open area for no noise…


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