TH7 Base design – Trophy Pushing – lose the least stars and protect your loot

First of all, what is your main objective? Is it for creating a war base? Is it for trophy pushing? Is it for keeping your goodies/raiding? Or, some may want a blended base (Hybrid), for both raiding and trophy pushing. That is the first question that you must ask yourself,because the base design will be very different.

The following bases are “good” designs for trophy pushing,  whose objective is to give up the least number of stars possible. In short, like in war, protect the Town Hall. But, since it is a village, we will protect some stores as well. In a war base, we would not care about the stores at all, but in a village, we do have to give it some consideration, even when trophy pushing. It would be great to give up 40% of the base, get a free shield, and walk away with most of our stores intact.

Some general thoughts:

  1. Walls – “Keep them out” is my philosophy-part 1. Use good walls on the outside to keep them out of important areas especially.  To get to the TH, you should have to go through at least 2 walls, and preferably 2 compartments
  2. Traps & Bombs: Where will they try to enter? It is at these points that you want to use your traps and bombs. If you have a high probability of entry (i.e. near an air defense), then putting them outside may be fine to “keep them out”. If not, then consider places inside with a high probability of traffic. Once in, I want to “kick them out”-part 2 of my philosophy. So, I will funnel troops towards traps or huge bombs. Others may choose not to funnel once inside the inner walls, and just focus on segregation—multiple closed areas, which works very well too.
  3. Air defense – Although not so much a problem with raids as in war, air assaults are becoming commonplace. Read my recent post on this subject and take this into consideration when designing your base.
  4. Protect your TH, unless you want to give it up. Some prefer to give up their TH for the common TH sniper, then gain the shield (like at bedtime), and restart the next day. That is great and very common. Alternatively, when my defenses are built up well, I often do the opposite-I build a great defensive base, that will lose to higher THs, but will be net positive in trophies—for doing nothing, just defending. This is an easy way to get trophies, but requires thought in developing a good strategic defensive base.
    1. UPDATE (5/2015). In the past 6 weeks, my base has upgraded well and it is much more difficult to attack. I have moved my TH just outside my walls, although within the range of an archer tower, cannon, and mortar. 9/10 times they snipe my TH, which costs them 40-60 troops and walk away. I lose 5-8 trophies and that is it. After all, with 150 troops they are not likely to make a dent in a nearly fully maxed TH7 base. Even TH8s get stuck as they expend so many troops to get my TH, which looks easy.  My stores are in the middle and protected by wiz towers, mortars, and teslas.
  5. Clan castle – Now, I HATE asking for clan-mates for troops. I hate it. Therefore, I put my cc deep in the base so that they only get lured out if the walls of my base are breached. Now, that happens 1 of every 10 attacks at most.
  6. Barbarian King – I don’t want to waste any dark elixir if he gets hurt. I put him pretty deep in the base so that he does not get lured out. When my TH is exposed (like it is now), I make sure that if someone is sniping my TH he is not in range to get lured out.
  7. Look at the attacks on your base-watch the replays. Make improvements. If you are losing trophies every day, not gaining, then something is wrong with your base, unless you are giving up your TH intentionally, then you want to lose the fewest amount of trophies possible.


Below: Good overall design, but I would like to get the Barbarian King Inside as he is an easy target out there. I would put an air seeking bomb near the bottom to help with aerial attacks.



POST your favorite base design!!! Let’s see what you have got.

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