Clash of clans: What troops to request for your clan castle for attacking in war (troop composition)

Going to war? Need to know what troops you should request for your village clan castle for attack? The simple answer is: the best troops possible. Now, all kidding aside, you should request specific troops from your clan as based on your target, your ability, and what your clan has available, you may have different needs. Based on the size of the clan castle, here are my recommendations for troop requests.

cc of 10:

  • Two balloons
    • Great for bases that one can take out air defense and archer towers easily. Then deploy balloons and game over.
    • Balloons travel over walls and target defenses, keeping your troops alive longer. They have good splash damage.
    • They kill cc troops quickly, although are susceptible to archer attack if they have no ground targets.
    • For larger villages, or those with centrally located defenses (especially Mortars), balloons work great.
    • If you can get high level balloons, go for it!!! They are fantastic. But, you have to use them properly!!! Take out air defense, if any, before releasing them AND have archer- or wizard towers engaged with a giant before releasing the balloons. Alternatively,a barb can be used to distract the towers.
  • One balloon, one wizard, and one archer.
    • Good safe blend that works for any occasion.
    • If you are unsure what to bring, this is always great way to go.
    • Most players at this level don’t know how to handle balloons.
  • Two wizards and two archers
    • Good for most conditions. Wizards cause high splash damage, but are not the strongest in terms of taking hits. Both wizards and archers can shoot over walls. This combination causes much damage fast and can quickly destroy a village.
    • Great for attacking villages with targets adjacent to walls, which these troops can shoot over.
    • These troops are not the strongest in terms of taking hits, so use them in areas with poor defenses (i.e not subject to mortar attack)

cc of 15:

  • One Healer and One Archer
    • My recommendation if one cannot train a Healer. The rest are great if you have a healer.
  • Three Wizards, Three Archers
  • One Witch (if  you know how to use), Three Archers
  • One Valkyrie, One Wizard, Three Archers
  • One Valkyrie, Seven Archers
  • Three high level balloons
    • Great to have, but you must use them properly!. Use heal spells to keep them alive if needed.

cc of 20:

  • One Dragon
    • The best option if you know how to use them–keep them alive.
  • 4 Balloons (high level only) is my favorite option for those who are attacking with dragons. Unbeatable!
  • Balloons/Wizard/Archer combo
  • 5 Wizards (if very high level). Again, have to use them properly–have defenses engage another target then put Wizards behind–you don’t want the wizards targeted by defenses.

cc of 25:

This really depends upon HOW one is attacking: by ground, using what troops, etc.

  • One Dragon (if high level), One Wizard, One archer
  • 5 High Level Balloons
  • One P.E.E.K.A.
  • High level Hogs.
  • Witch, Wizards, Archers


The clan castle affords one the opportunity to use troops that they don’t have access to from their own barracks. The problem is, one usually has little experience in using these troops effectively. So, know the weaknesses of the troops and the strengths. In most cases, your clan castle troops will be your most effective troop in battle, when used correctly. So, when planning your attack, one should take great consideration in what troops to request and how to use them during the attack.

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