When should I upgrade my TH? In short, don’t rush!

When is the best time to upgrade your town hall? This is a commonly asked question.

I believe that it is best to upgrade your town hall after everything (or nearly everything) has been completely upgraded. What do I mean? Everything means everything. This includes all walls, all the defenses, all buildings, all spells, troop upgrades (except ones that you will never use, like Goblins), etc. In short, I find many players advance their TH prematurely thinking that it will improve their game. In every instance, it has the opposite effect.

Why wait? Why not just upgrade and get better troops in the next TH? Let’s look at the two scenarios.

For one’s village, you get less loot when advancing TH because if you as attack lower TH levels, you get less. In my experience, if a player is not doing so well at their current TH, advancing to the next, thinking that better troops and defenses will help them, only makes things worse! Defensively, you lose more loot when getting attacked by, what was previously higher TH levels.

In war, clash of clans in the past did  not weigh the Town Hall itself to match up opponents, but does weigh what defenses and offenses one has. Some believe that the level carries less weight than having the offense or defense. I can assure you, rushed bases hurt the clan in war! How often? Always!  An unfair match will usually result, especially if walls are weak, defenses are weak, camps not fully upgraded, etc. I see this time and time again. The rushed player will usually be unable to take on bases that are of similar TH level,and often resorts to attacking lower level THs, which is usually not helpful to the clan.

I can only tell you from co-running a clan, that it is extremely frustrating when you get a bad matchup as result of those who have rushed their Town Hall–upgraded their TH prematurely.

So to put it in simple terms, when you rush your TH upgrade, you will pay for it and your clan will pay dearly for it. Instead, improve your game at your current TH level, if not your shortcomings will be carried on and magnified at higher TH levels.


Tip: Max out your gold and elixir when upgrading because it will be more difficult to get once you upgrade. Also, leave your loot in your clan castle. Fill it up as much as possible because when you upgrade, you will need it.

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